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A history of London Lipo Institute

London Lipo Institute started out as a research project run by London-based plastic surgeons attached to a well known British university. Our remit was to conduct leading edge research into stem cells harvested from fat tissue for use in reconstructive surgical applications. The UK is a pioneer in stem cell technology and London Lipo Institute was set up to build on this rich heritage of scientific excellence. Examples of early work included the use of transplanted fat for use in scar revision, and to refine the aesthetic appearance of patients who had reconstructive surgery for cancer of the breast, head and neck and skin. Eventually, with university funding cuts, this scientific research institute became freestanding with funding coming from private sources and charitable donations to make sure the benefits of our research into fat grafting technology become available more widely.

We realised early on the immense application of the use of fat transfer (also known as lipo-filling) could have for purely aesthetic applications. We helped to develop some of the most effective techniques for creating natural looking results in each of the following areas:

– Body contouring

– Breast augmentation

– Facial rejuvenation

For every procedure, each patient was meticulously assessed and our surgeons would meet weekly to discuss all proposed cases to share expertise and best practice. We adopted this case conference approach from the leading academic medical centres in the United States, the most notable being the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

We soon developed a training course aimed at plastic surgeons from around the world to learn the techniques of liposuction and lipofilling for use in cosmetic surgery. This training course still runs today and is world-renowned in the field of liposuction and fat transfer.

Our deep expertise in reconstructive surgery – cancer surgery, burns surgery and the correction of children’s deformities was the foundation for forming a full-service cosmetic surgery clinic.


Today, our expertise in producing natural results guides our surgical planning for each and every operation in the field of cosmetic surgery.

– In the field of surgical body contouring, we offer the option of fat transfer alongside expertly performed liposuction to precision sculpt body areas. By combining liposuction and lipofilling, we are able to offer advanced liposculpture.

– Breast augmentation using implants remains the most popular cosmetic surgery operation in the UK today. We perform breast augmentation using MHRA-approved implants as a primary procedure for breast augmentation. For selected patients who desire a smaller more subtle increase in breast size, we are able to offer fat transfer to the breast as a more specialised procedure to give a more natural result.

– In the field of facial rejuvenation, we perform the full range of facial surgery and facial injectable procedures. We perform fat transfer to the face as a fine-tuning procedure to create enhanced volume and clarity.

London Lipo Institute is a cosmetic surgery clinic with a focus on providing surgical body-contouring, breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation

Our treatment philosophy:

– Maintain the highest standards of quality and safety

– Employ effective and clinically proven cosmetic surgery techniques to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing outcomes for all our patients

– Delivering a comprehensive aftercare package

Advanced cosmetic surgery

Our expert plastic surgeons have many years experience in performing cosmetic surgery utilising the latest techniques. Learn more about the range of procedures here. They regularly deliver presentations at international conferences, and publish extensively in peer-reviewed journals in the field of cosmetic surgery. Each of our surgeons performs in excess of 300 procedures on an annual basis. Audited procedure data is regularly collected from each surgeon to evaluate treatment outcomes. This is to ensure the fundamental standards of both quality and safety are maintained.

Our unique focus on cosmetic surgery allows us to continuously refine our techniques and technologies to improve surgical outcomes even further. We combine ‘tried and tested’ techniques with new developments in the field to offer a truly bespoke service to all our patients. Prospective patients can be secure in the belief they are receiving the very best in cosmetic surgery care in the United Kingdom today.

What is the single most important factor which has the greatest impact on your treatment outcome?

The latest research evidence confirms that the quality of the medical decision-making on your care has the the single biggest impact on the final treatment outcome. Between  patient happiness and patient dissatisfaction, this can be simplified to one decision – whether to have the cosmetic procedure or not.

London Lipo Institute follow the latest international guidelines on this crucial area of optimising patient outcomes.

The case conference approach – an additional safety net

Traditionally, when you see a doctor for treatment and cosmetic treatments in particular, ONLY that one doctor will make the final decision on your procedure whether to proceed or not. London Lipo Institute have studied the world’s top medical centres to see how they maintain their position as the very best in their field. The world’s leading medical centre in the United States, the world famous Mayo Clinic pioneered the case conference approach over forty years ago.

After a patient is reviewed, the patients full medical history and proposed treatment plan is discussed in a formal meeting between plastic surgeons working in the same specialism. Only then will a final decision on whether to proceed with treatment be taken or not. This is a true model for medical collaboration and we pride ourselves on this unique approach.

Our strengths – an overview

– Highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons

– Evidenced-based ‘tried and tested’ techniques with the latest equipment

– Purpose-built day-care clinics

– Specialist expertise in cosmetic surgery and in treating the complications of cosmetic surgery from other centres

– Treatment outcomes are optimised with our 3 pillar treatment philosophy. Read more here.

What this means for you?

Achieve your aesthetic goals with the most pleasing results at the most cost-effective price.

We strongly believe in ensuring a very high standard of care following your procedure as part of our comprehensive aftercare package. This is included in the cost of your procedure and is not an ‘optional add-on’.


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