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Our Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

London Lipo Institute offer the full range of cosmetic surgical procedures spread across three areas. – Surgical body contouring – Breast augmentation – Facial rejuvenation

How do we differ from other cosmetic surgery clinics?

Our philosophy of care is based on cosmetic surgery tailored specifically to the individual based on needs and preferences. From first consultation to the aftercare – your care will be delivered directly by a fully qualified plastic surgeon.

Why do we include one of night of accommodation with transport to and from the clinic in the procedure price?

London Lipo Institute believe the aftercare should be performed with the same degree of expertise as the procedure itself. One of the most common concerns expressed by patients relates to the quality of aftercare provided after a cosmetic surgical procedure. With our model of care, the surgeon will personally review you face-to-face both on the evening after your procedure, and on the following morning. No other clinic offers this standard of care. He/She is continuously available via telephone, Skype and face-to-face for your maximum peace of mind.  We therefore include one nights accommodation in your procedure package. All subsequent follow-up consultations are also included in the procedure. You have access to your surgeon whenever you like. London Lipo Institute (LLI) are pleased to offer expertly performed cosmetic surgery to patients from across the world. We specialise only in cosmetic surgery, and are therefore able to offer the highest quality of service to our patients. This is reflected in our very high levels of patient satisfaction. Patient safety and welfare is our number one concern, and this is reflected in our exemplary safety record to date. Our cosmetic surgery clinics are purpose-built and specially designed for body, breast and facial procedures.

How do we optimise patient safety and treatment outcomes? Our three pillars which help to optimise treatment outcomes:

(1) After your consultation, your case will be discussed at our weekly case conference. All our surgeons will discuss your case to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Research evidence has shown that the quality of treatment is directly influenced by having the proposed treatment plan submitted to independent rigorous scrutiny by surgical colleagues operating in the same specialist area. (2) After the case conference, in more than one third of all cases assessed, we will not proceed to perform a surgical procedure. One must always be aware that any surgery is an invasive medical procedure despite being performed for aesthetic reasons. Patient safety always comes first and we do not compromise on this vital pillar of maintaining outstanding treatment outcomes. (3) On the day of your procedure, you will have two surgeons working collaboratively to perform your procedure. One surgeon will always have ultimate responsibility for your care. The latest research evidence confirms superior treatment outcomes when two expert surgeons are performing a procedure together than with one surgeon alone. Cosmetic surgery must be performed with the utmost care and precision. The interaction between two experts working together means your procedure will be safer and performed with better aesthetic outcomes. We utilise the most advanced surgical techniques available today to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing results are obtained. Our Plastic Surgeons have many years experience of performing surgical body contouring, breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation in London – the world’s premier destination for Cosmetic Surgery. Your consultation will be performed by the Surgeon who will also perform your procedure. The same surgeon will also monitor your progress after the procedure. This allows full continuity of care. We offer a special comprehensive aftercare guarantee to all our patients across all our lipo clinics. All patients will have the benefit of comprehensive life-time follow-up by their treating surgeon. Post-procedure, patients have access to their surgeon for consultation, for as many times as they wish. This is over and above the standard consultation regime following the liposuction procedure. This allows total piece of mind to our patients knowing they have access to a complete and comprehensive package of care.

No unqualified (and unregulated) ‘patient co-ordinator/ advisor’ will ever perform any part of your consultation or aftercare

We offer a comprehensive aftercare guarantee to all our patients across all our liposculpture clinics. All patients will have the benefit of comprehensive follow-up by their treating surgeon. After the procedure, patients have access to their surgeon for consultation, for as many times as they wish. This is over and above the standard consultation regime following the liposculpture procedure.  This allows total piece of mind to our patients knowing they have access to a complete and comprehensive package of care.

What is the single most important factor which has the greatest impact on your treatment outcome?

The latest research evidence confirms that the quality of the medical decision-making on your care has the the single biggest impact on the final treatment outcome. Between  patient happiness and patient dissatisfaction, this can be simplified to one decision – whether to have the cosmetic surgery procedure or not. London Lipo Institute follow the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) international guidelines on this crucial area of optimising patient outcomes.

The case conference approach – an additional safety net for patients

Traditionally, when you see a doctor for treatment and cosmetic treatments in particular, ONLY that one doctor will make the final decision on your procedure whether to proceed or not. London Lipo Institute have studied the world’s top medical centres to see how they maintain their position as the very best in their field. The world’s leading medical centre in the United States, the world famous Mayo Clinic pioneered the case conference approach over forty years ago. After a patient is reviewed, the patients full medical history and proposed treatment plan is discussed in a formal meeting between plastic surgeons working in the same specialism. Only then will a final decision on whether to proceed with treatment be taken or not. This is a true model for medical collaboration and we pride ourselves on this unique approach.

Benefits – our advanced cosmetic surgery clinics

Free no-obligation consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon who will perform your procedure – not an unqualified patient advisor. The most technologically advanced surgical techniques available today. All our patients are able to be admitted, have their procedure and be discharged on the same day. THE LONDON LIPO INSTITUTE COMPREHENSIVE AFTERCARE PROGRAMME  

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