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All aspects of your care are managed by fully trained plastic surgeons. We never allow unqualified and unregulated patient co-ordinators to conduct any part of the initial consultation, health screening or aftercare. Our cosmetic surgical procedures are performed using the latest anaesthetic techniques for maximum safety and effectiveness. 3 pillars of a successful treatment outcome: – Highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons with sub-specialist expertise in your procedure – The latest surgical technologies – A comprehensive aftercare programme

Our treatment philosophy

London Lipo Institute have a treatment philosophy designed to optimise patient outcomes We have expertise across the three areas of cosmetic surgery:

– Surgical body contouring

– Breast augmentation

– Facial rejuvenation

Most clinics will concentrate on only one of the above three areas. This can put patients at risk of receiving inadequate and even inappropriate treatment which compromises both the final outcome and patient safety. By developing expertise across all 3 areas, our surgeons ensure you will receive bespoke treatment tailored to your individual case.
A fully equipped surgical suite for advanced cosmetic surgery

A fully equipped surgical suite for advanced cosmetic surgery


A very satisfied patient!

A very satisfied patient!

What is the single most important factor which has the greatest impact on your treatment outcome?

The latest research evidence confirms that the quality of the medical decision-making on your care has the the single biggest impact on the final treatment outcome. Between  patient happiness and patient dissatisfaction, this can be simplified to one decision – whether to have the surgical procedure or not. London Lipo Institute follow the latest international guidelines on this crucial area of optimising patient outcomes. Our surgeons will always make sure that any proposed surgical procedure is the right option for you. In many cases, it will be jointly decided that surgery is not the appropriate option to achieve your aesthetic goals. “The right patient should have the right procedure at the right time.”

The case conference approach – an additional safety net

Traditionally, when you see a doctor for treatment and cosmetic treatments in particular, ONLY that one doctor will make the final decision on your procedure whether to proceed or not. London Lipo Institute have studied the world’s top medical centres to see how they maintain their position as the very best in their field. The world’s leading medical centre in the United States, the world famous Mayo Clinic pioneered the case conference approach over forty years ago. After a patient is reviewed, the patients full medical history and proposed treatment plan is discussed in a formal meeting between plastic surgeons working in the same specialism. Only then will a final decision on whether to proceed with treatment be taken or not. This is a true model for medical collaboration and we pride ourselves on this unique approach.

How do we optimise patient safety and treatment outcomes? Our three step process to optimising surgical treatment outcomes:

(1) After your consultation, your case will be discussed at our weekly case conference. All our surgeons will discuss your case to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Research evidence has shown that the quality of treatment is directly influenced by having the proposed treatment plan submitted to independent rigorous scrutiny by surgical colleagues operating in the same specialist area. (2) After the case conference, in more than one third of all cases assessed, we will not proceed to perform cosmetic surgery. One must always be aware that surgery is an invasive MEDICAL procedure despite being performed for aesthetic reasons. Patient safety always comes first and we do not compromise on this vital pillar of maintaining outstanding treatment outcomes. (3) On the day of your procedure, you will have two surgeons working collaboratively to perform your procedure. One surgeon will always have ultimate responsibility for your care. The latest research evidence confirms superior treatment outcomes when two expert surgeons are performing a procedure together than with one surgeon alone. Cosmetic surgery which must always be performed with the utmost care and precision. The interaction between two experts working together means your procedure will be safer and performed with better aesthetic outcomes.

What happens after the procedure?

You will be reviewed both on the evening after your procedure and on the following morning by your surgeon face-to-face personally. Your plastic surgeon is continuously available for the first 24 hours after your procedure – by phone, by Skype and face-to-face.

 Find out more

You can find out more about cosmetic surgery on our blog pages. At London Lipo Institute, we have a number of plastic surgeons experienced in cosmetic surgery. To book a free consultation, please call us on 01923 801601 or email Alternatively, please fill out the contact box below and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

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