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Breast augmentation facts and figures

Who is a Typical Breast Augmentation Surgery Patient?

At London Lipo Institute, we typically see women who fit the following profile:

  1. Average age: 27 years-old (with a range of 18 – 67 years-old)
  2. Relationship status: Single
  3. Body mass index (BMI): 25 (with a range of 18 – 35; normal is 20 – 25)
  4. Average original breast size: 400 cc’s (range 225 – 980 cc’s)
  5. Breast implant surface: 95% smooth
  6. Breast incision: 90% Infra-Mammary 5% Trans-Axillary, 5% Peri-Areolar.
  7. Implant placement: 85% above the muscle (sub-glandular)

Optimal breast aesthetics

Placing a breast implant over or under the muscle does not necessarily require much skill or finesse. To create a beautiful looking breast that maintains its youthful shape and position takes years of experience and practice, and an eye for beauty and proportions.

At the London Lipo Institute, Dr. Perrone will work with you during every stage of the consultation process to create exactly the kind of results you desire. But what are the qualities that inspire breast envy between women?

What makes a breast beautiful?

When performing Breast Augmentation surgery, Dr. Perrone understands the aesthetics of a beautiful, natural breast and aims to carefully incorporate these features into your results. However, identifying the perfect breast is all but impossible.

What each woman thinks of as perfect is a totally subjective matter. It is based on each individual’s opinion and every woman will have her own unique goals and expectations. While some women want their enhancement to be subtle in order to give a natural look, others wish for a more noticeable enhancement.

Typical characteristics of beautiful, natural breasts are:

  1. The areola is generally smaller than 40 mm in diameter.
  2. The nipple sits above the line (the breast fold) where the base of the breast meets the chest ( in fact, the most attractive breasts as studied by plastic surgeons, puts the nipple approximately 6.9 cm above this fold ).
  3. The two nipples should form an equilateral triangle with the notch above the sternum ( that is, the distances between the nipples and from each nipple to the notch should all be the same ).
  4. Breast size is proportionate to chest width, waist size and height.
  5. Breasts are pert rather than sagging.
  6. Breasts appear symmetrical (but are never perfectly symmetrical in any women).
  7. Proper projection: on profile, the nipple should sit directly behind the part of the breast that projects the fullest.

Dr. Perrone always begins the pre-operative consultation process by carefully analysing each and every patient. There are many different choices that must be made when performing Breast Augmentation surgery.

Choosing the right implant, the right approach, and the right implant placement all influence the final result. Every woman is different and unique and since no woman ever has exactly symmetrical breasts, every breast is also different and unique.

Analysing and understanding these unique features is essential in formulating an individualised surgical plan that will lead to the best possible results for each patient.

Dr. Perrone will take into account your existing breast anatomy, your desired look, and your lifestyle when preparing his surgical strategy for your breast enhancement. Some patients get better results with saline breast implants, while others need silicone implants. The decision between placing the implant above or below the chest muscle also affects the look of the breast. Sometimes, however, it is not only the intended look of the breasts that dictates the preferred implant placement, but also the shape of the existing breast and the size of the chosen implant.

Despite all these variables and choices, you should not feel overwhelmed. As an experienced and compassionate Cosmetic Breast Surgeon, Dr. Perrone has performed countless breast enlargements and will guide you through the decision making process by ensuring that you have a proper understanding of all the possibilities. During your consultation, you will also browse through our extensive photo gallery of breast enlargement results in other patients. You will see many different sizes and shapes of breasts, all artistically tailored to meet the individual wishes of each patient. This will give you comfort in the knowledge that Dr. Perrone is a skilled Consultant Surgeon who has the ability to shape your breasts to the unique feminine contours and fullness you have always desired.

Following your Breast Augmentation surgery, you will need to take care of your new breasts to keep them looking great for many years to come. Immediately after surgery, you will be asked to follow the post-operative care instructions that Dr. Perrone will give you. In order to obtain an optimal result, It is very important that your wounds and breasts heal properly.

Thereafter, wearing a good support bra, applying moisturisers to your breasts (as you would your face), and avoiding smoking and sun exposure, are all important measures that will help maintain the youthful appearance of your breasts.

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You can find out more about breast augmentation on our blog pages. At London Lipo Institute, we have a number of plastic surgeons experienced in breast augmentation surgery. To book a free consultation, please call us on 01923 801601 or email Alternatively, please fill out the contact box below and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

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