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Liposuction Training Course

The leading liposuction training course in Europe
Patients are increasingly aware of the extraordinary benefits of office Liposuction. They can be confidently assured that their treating physician has received instruction in the most effective and safe form of Liposuction available today. The LLI philosophy of Liposuction is tumescent local anaesthesia (TLA) in conjunction with vibrational cannulas for the most desirable results available from an aesthetic perspective.
Learn the art of precision body sculpting
The technical aspects of liposuction will be covered from an in-depth technical perspective, and this will help immensely in marketing innovative liposuction services to clients. Doctors will have an opportunity to assist in live procedures on the course, and this will provide unique insights for doctors to provide the necessary technical expertise to their clients most effectively. Having acquired a very secure foundation of knowledge and understanding of the liposuction technique – doctors will be able to instil confidence in clients which will help to secure robust clinical relationships.
Physicians are more likely to achieve outstanding clinical outcomes by appreciating the safety aspects of liposuction and are able to provide ongoing advice and support to their patients. As the public profile of liposuction increases in prominence, doctors will need to be well-positioned to cater to the needs of clients globally. Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures worldwide. Massive strides have been made in the safety aspects of liposuction in recent years. The procedure can now be performed as a day-case under local anaesthesia with minimal risks, side-effects or complications. This presents an attractive opportunity for physicians keen on boosting practice revenues to incorporate this procedure into their suite of cosmetic offerings. Our liposuction training course will also act as a platform for new physicians keen to launch a cosmetic clinic with liposuction as the flagship service.

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Why undertake liposuction training using our technique?
The answer is simple, your patients will experience all the following advantages for optimal body contouring.
We employ purely tumescent local anaesthesia in conjunction with vibration- assisted liposuction – this is the method taught on the liposuction training course. It is now widely acknowledged as the gold standard method in liposuction across Europe and increasingly worldwide.
You will undertake an observership where you will be able to assist the surgeon who will be performing liposuction on live cases. This will help you achieve a better understanding of liposuction and eventually be able to perform cases independently.
 The liposuction training course focuses on the non-medical aesthetic indications for liposuction – over 95% of cases fall into this category. Particular emphasis is given to the treatment of the abdomen, thighs and flanks. These areas constitute the vast majority of liposuction procedures in both adult females and males. 
Previous delegates have remarked upon the highly intensive nature of the liposuction training course, but we aim to make the experience an enjoyable one. The learning process is highly interactive, and participants will be encouraged to engage fully in the practical sessions. The course faculty are friendly and approachable and have many years experience of teaching safe liposuction technique. Instructors will also be on hand during the break intervals to clarify any points which remain unclear.
Gain in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the liposuction procedure
Confidently assess prospective candidates for Liposuction
Safely and effectively assist with liposuction cases
Become competent to manage the postoperative care
A fully equipped surgical suite for advanced cosmetic surgery
Much of the growth expected in Liposuction over the next 5-10 years will come from physicians new to liposuction as a way to boost their practice revenues. The uptake of liposuction as a safe and effective procedure will crucially depend upon doctors being able to convey this key message to patients in the most effective way possible. Participants will also receive a certificate of attendance.


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