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The following are a selection of feedback responses from past delegates in 2015.

“Having attended a few lecture-based courses, I was keen on attending a course covering the practical aspects. As far as I’m aware, this is the only European course which has a strong practical component. Having no previous liposuction experience, I was a little apprehensive at first. My concerns were soon put to rest as the faculty took us through the procedure from start to finish. My only issue concerned the length of the course – even with 3 whole days – there is a lot of ground covered in a short space of time. Similar courses elsewhere are 1 day in length!. I’m looking forward to enrolling on the refresher course next year”

Dr Albrecht, Stuttgart, Germany

“The course was very practical and hands-on. We were given the opportunity to assist with Liposuction alongside our instructor. Being only 3 participants – it was an excellent environment to learn. The faculty was very friendly and knowledgeable. This helped a great deal, because the course was very intensive.”

 Dr Santoro, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Incredible learning experience! By far the best course I have ever attended!”

Dr Mehmet, Ankara, Turkey

“I had performed over 300 liposuction procedures prior to the course. I was interested in the philosophy taught on the course of small-volume serial procedures as opposed to larger treatment sessions which carry more risk. In my opinion, this is totally possible due to the advent of vibration-assisted liposuction techniques, which appears to be far more effective than the proprietary energy sources which have been heavily marketed by existing product manufacturers. Since the course, and adopting the techniques learnt – I have not had a single case of patient dissatisfaction. Where I previously employed heavy sedation and narcotic analgesia, I now use purely tumescent local anaesthesia.”

Dr Ali, Lahore, Pakistan

“I have always been concerned with the excessive degree of bruising and swelling I was encountering postoperatively. Dr Harceaga advocates an atraumatic cannula technique, which is facilitated by the vibrational cannula instrumentation. By witnessing the expertly performed Liposuction technique firsthand as performed by Dr Harceaga, I was surprised at how gentle the aspiration technique was. After having used this technique in my own practice, my results have seen a dramatic improvement!. Thank you Dr Harceaga!”

Dr Quinn, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

“Thank you to all of the course faculty for such a brilliant course which manages to cover all the appropriate material for a beginning Liposuction practitioner like myself. I especially say thank you to Dr Bonacelli for his warmth and good humour!”

Dr Adrian Jankowski, Warsaw, Poland

“I have previously been trained in traditional high volume Liposuction performed in a hospital setting. The beauty of the course lies in its simplicity – I find it amazing how Liposuction has gone from a major surgical procedure, which often required general anaesthesia and postoperative blood transfusions to one which can be safely performed in the office setting without significant morbidity. Through their pooled experience, the course faculty seems to have chosen and implemented the techniques which are most conducive to the most effective performance of Liposuction. I am grateful to them for this. I suspect further advances will be made in the composition of TLA and I’m looking forward to further improvements in this area of research”

Dr Kenneth Wong, Hong Kong

“I enjoyed the roundtable discussions with the faculty and fellow colleagues. I found it particularly useful to learn from the faculty’s anecdotal experience on challenging cases. I found this to be very valuable, as this is something which cannot be obtained from a standard textbook.”

Dr Carlsen, Oslo, Norway

“I was somewhat nervous before the practical sessions, given my previous lack of practical experience. This was resolved very quickly as Dr Harceaga made us feel at ease and really helped me to gain the confidence required to perform safe Liposuction”

Dr Paul Papadopoulos, Athens, Greece

Professor Mervat Alsaleh, Kuwait

Dr Andrea Braun, Germany

Dr Adi Satriyo, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dr Adi Satriyo

“I just want to say thank you for the fantastic workshop. It was one of the best workshop i’ve ever had. Less theory and more hands on, love that approach. It was also great to meet other participants from different countries and different specialty and learn so much. I am hoping to see guys again next year for a lipo refreshment course”

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