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Breast Augmentation

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London Lipo Institute offer the full range of surgical options for breast augmentation. With breast implants, you can choose whether to have silicone or saline implants, the desired size of implant and whether you would like the procedure performed with oral sedation (you are awake) or IV sedation (you are asleep).

Our 4 surgical options for Breast Augmentation:

– Breast augmentation with oral sedation

We are pioneers of the awake breast augmentation procedure. During the procedure, you will be given oral sedation to make you relaxed and slightly sleepy. Tumescent anaesthesia will then be injected to numb the breasts. You’re comfortable and pain-free throughout.

– Breast augmentation with IV sedation

For those who prefer to be asleep during their breast augmentation, a small IV on the back of your hand will be used to administer medications to make you enter a peaceful state of sleep. You are able to avoid a breathing tube and all the risks of a full general anaesthetic including post-operative nausea and vomiting. Tumescent anaesthesia will be used to fully numb the breasts.

– Breast lifts (mastopexy)

Breast augmentation alone may not be sufficient to give you the ideal result you desire. Weight loss, pregnancy, the aging process and genetics can all contribute to the sagging of your breasts. If there is an excessive degree of sagging, you may be an excellent candidate for a breast lifting procedure.

– Natural Breast Augmentation (fat transfer)

Natural breast augmentation using fat transfer is the newest and most exciting technique to be developed for breast augmentation. Fat from your own body is transferred to the breasts. This creates a very natural result, and avoids all the complications associated with breast implants.

 We also perform areola reduction surgery and surgical correction of inverted nipples.

Excessively large areolas and inverted nipples can be a source of much distress and anxiety for women. Using local anaesthesia, these two correctable problems can be dealt with in under 45 minutes.

London Lipo Institute is unique in offering all our breast augmentation procedures as a day-case – This means you can be admitted, have the procedure and be discharged on the same day. We employ TUMESCENT ANAESTHESIA for all our breast procedures – The safest and most effective anaesthetic technique for cosmetic surgery available today.


We only use the highest quality breast implants for all our breast augmentation procedures

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breast augmentation

Why do I want to enlarge my breasts?

For some women, the answer to this question is simple; for others, it is anything but. There is a good chance that you are considering breast augmentation for a variety of reasons, some more personal than others. Common reasons for undergoing breast augmentation include the desire to:

  • Bring the breasts into better proportion with the rest of the body
  • Improve symmetry between differently sized or shaped breasts
  • Feel more feminine and attractive
  • Restore volume to the breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding, orweight loss
  • Correct congenital deformities in one or both breasts
  • Boost confidence and improve body image
  • Add volume to breasts that did not develop fully after puberty, a condition called micromastia

If you are just starting to explore the possibility of surgically enhancing your breasts, you may not have thought much about your reasons for wanting to do so at this point. You may simply know that you want larger breasts. In itself, that is as valid a reason for undergoing breast augmentation as any other.

As you learn more about the procedure and your options, especially through the consultation process, you will want to continue to examine your reasons for wanting to enlarge your breasts. Once you have become fully acquainted with the benefits, risks, and costs associated with the procedure, and you feel confident that you want to proceed for you and not due to any external pressures, your candidacy for breast augmentation will depend on your health, your goals, and the establishment of reasonable expectations.

Ultimately, the decision to undergo breast augmentation is a highly personal one that should be made only after becoming as educated about the procedure as possible. If you are considering breast augmentation, you will likely find answers to many of the questions you have on this page. The best source of information in your specific case, however, is an in-depth, one-on-one consultation with an experienced,  plastic surgeon.

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of breast augmentation is that the procedure can readily be customized to the specific goals of the individual patient. Women who undergo breast augmentation have a variety of options at their disposal, giving them tremendous control over their outcome. These options include:

  • Breast Implant Type: Currently, women in the UK can choose between silicone gel-filled implants, saline-filled implants, and form-stable, ultra-cohesive silicone gel-filled (known informally as “gummy bear“) implants.
  • Breast Implant Placement: Breast implants can be placed in pockets made either beneath the pectoral muscle (the submuscular placement method) or in front of the pectoral muscle, immediately behind the breast tissue (the subglandular or submammary placement method).
  • Location of the Incision: Breast implants may be placed through inframammary incisions (just below the crease at the base of the breast), periareolar incisions (along the border of the lower half of the areola), or transaxillary incisions (in the armpit). Some plastic surgeons also place implants through the navel (the transumbilical, orTUBA, incision); however, this method is less commonly used than the other three.

Other options include breast implant size, shape, profile, and texture.
Each decision a woman makes regarding her breast augmentation will influence her overall result. It is therefore important that patients understand their options fully before proceeding with surgery. A qualified, experienced plastic surgeon will take the time to explain every aspect of the procedure in clear, comprehensible terms, patiently answering any questions and addressing any concerns the patient may have.

 Establishing Realistic Goals and Reasonable Expectations

Other than general health, the best candidates for breast augmentation are those who are well informed about the procedure, keeping realistic results in mind while being fully aware of potential risks and side-effects.

Breast implants are not a surefire solution to severe body-image issues, emotional trauma, or marital woes. When done properly and for the right reasons, they can help boost confidence and kick-start a path to better self-esteem, but only to a degree. To be truly pleased with the results, it’s best for candidates to have realistic expectations about what breast augmentation can do for them.

Someone who is considering breast implants should also be confident in the reasons why, and not be pressured into it by someone else. Patients who undergo the procedure to try and save a failing relationship, please their partner, or are pressured into getting them, usually end up regretting the procedure. This can sometimes lead to negatively compounding personal issues and a drop in self-esteem, or even other multiple surgeries to reduce and correct the original procedure.

If you are an adult who is sure of your reasons, is well informed, and is in generally good health, then breast augmentation may be right for you.

Natural breast augmentation

If you don’t like the idea of having implants inserted into your breasts, but would like a breast augmentation, there is the option of natural breast augmentation.

Natural breast augmentation consists of two procedures performed in one session. Firstly harvesting the fat and then placement into the breasts. To begin, a substantial amount of fat is removed with a fine harvesting cannula connected to gentle suction. We perform meticulous liposculpture of the areas where fat is removed from. Then, the harvested fat is injected carefully through four tiny 2-4 mm incisions using blunt infiltration cannulas. This is also called fat transfer or lipofilling.

This technique is able to create a long-lasting and natural result in the breasts.

However, a second method of rejuvenation has just recently become apparent. Fat has the highest concentration of repair (stem) cells of any tissue in the body. Placing fat full of stem cells under a damaged skin where there is little fat may have a repair effect on the skin. Such a repair effect can reverse the damage to the skin caused by aging and sun exposure.

This typically takes about three hours for this procedure. The fragile fatty tissue must be harvested slowly and gently. The fat is then placed into the breast not only so that it will create an aesthetic, natural appearance, but also so that the newly transplanted fat has a chance to survive. This is by injecting the fat into many different layers, so that each layer has its own blood supply.

With increased refinement in techniques, as much as 70% of the transplanted fat will remain in the new areas. In the past, the results of this particular procedure were unpredictable. The reason is that much of the injected fat was absorbed, leaving an average of about 40 percent in place.

Patients may require more than one treatment to achieve the best results. Each time the procedure is repeated, more fat is accumulated in the treated area. This tends to offer longer-lasting results, even lifetime results and the result is more natural than implant-based breast augmentation procedures.

This procedure is used as an alternative to:

– Breast implants for augmentations

In addition, it can enhance the results of a previously performed breast augmentation using implants, whether silicone or saline-based by:

– Fine tuning implant-based breast augmentations

– Disguise the edges or rippling of existing silicone and saline implants

Major advantages over breast implants

– Fat is a completely natural substance that comes from your own body

– Harvesting of the fat can be used to enhance your shape

– The breast can be sculpted and shaped

– There are minimal incisions with this procedure, which reduces the possibility of scarring

Why natural breast augmentation with London Lipo Institute?

We have the largest case experience in performing natural breast augmentation using fat transfer in the UK. Our fat survival rates frequently exceed 80%. With access to the full range of surgical options, we can suggest the procedure most suitable for you – whether implants or fat transfer for breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

Which is the best size breast implant for me?

Every woman is unique and has different preferences for the desired size of her breasts. Some prefer a more subtle result, while others will want a substantial increase in size of their breasts. The best approach is to fully discuss your needs and preferences with your Plastic Surgeon with our free consultation. Your surgeon will be very experienced in helping you to choose the size and type of implant. For most women, the desire is to create the ‘hour-glass’ feminine shape that is the hallmark of a aesthetically pleasing silhouette. The goal of our Plastic surgeons is to give you the size of breasts that YOU want.

What are the differences between silicone and saline implants?

The appearance of both implants is actually very similar. Many feel the silicone breast implants results in a more natural look with a better overall position of the breasts. Although the appearances are similar, the ‘feel’ is different with silicone and saline implants. Many women will prefer silicone implants because the overall result after their procedure creates a more natural appearance and feel – similar to normal breasts. Silicone implants are however more expensive and it recommended to have regular MRI scans. Saline implants are less expensive and have a better safety record than silicone implants. The downside with saline implants is the higher risk of rippling than with silicone if there is minimal breast tissue. The scars with saline implants are approximately 2cm long compared with silicone implants where they are approximately 5cm long. The scars will be more noticeable with silicone implants.

Do I need a breast lift?

The objective is to give you the most aesthetically pleasing results possible. A positive result is created when the brast nipples are pointing forward and placed at the correct level. The upper part of the breasts should also have a good degree of fullness. Many women will have breasts that lie lower than the normal range. They will therefore need a breast lift (mastopexy) with the breast augmentation. A useful measurement is the distance between your collarbone and your nipple. if it is greater than 24 cm, you may need a breast lift. All the possible options will be discussed at your consultation.

What are the risks of breast augmentation surgery?

There are risks associated with any surgical procedure. With our unique anaesthetic technique of employing tumescent anaesthesia, the risk of excessive bleeding or infection is significantly minimised. Bruising and swelling are inevitable with the breast augmentation procedure. The bruising will subside within 2-3 weeks. The swelling can take up to 6 weeks to resolve. A recognised complication of breast augmentation surgery is capsular contracture. This condition occurs when the normal scar tissue forms a hard, fibrous capsule around the implant. This can distort the shape of the implant resulting in a very hard and deformed part of the breast. Fortunately, with more modern implant materials and designs, the incidence of capsular contracture has markedly declined. The condition can be prevented by massaging of the breasts after surgery. In the the very rare cases where capsular contracture does occur, the implants can be removed and replaced very easily.

Are the results natural?

Our plastic surgeons pride their work on creating a natural result using the most effective and latest surgical techniques. There are many variables that can impact on the final result, including the current amount of fat you have, the amount of drooping of the breasts, the specific placement of the implants and many other factors. All these factors will be taken into account when planning your surgical treatment. As previously stated, the type of implant, whether silicone or saline also has an impact on the final result. An increasing proportion of women prefer not to have implants altogether, and would like natural breast augmentation with their own transplanted fat. This has the added benefit of having liposculpture on areas which cause concern

Which incision is used for breast augmentation surgery?

There four main incision types that can be used for breast augmentation surgery.

Inframammary (under the breast)

Periumbilical – around the areola

Transaxillary – armpit

Transumbilical – bellybutton

We use the inframammary approach as it consistently gives the most effective results with the best safety record. It allows any potential bleeding areas to be dealt with quickly and effectively under direct vision. The other approaches have a higher risk of bleeding and infection rates are higher also.

Will I have a scar?

All surgical procedures, however minor will leave a scar.Most patients will find the scar will fade over time to the point where they form a pale, whitish scar. The incision for a silicone implant will be about 5cm long compared with the incision for a saline implant which will be approximately 1.8-2 cm long. The scar will be more noticeable when lying down compared with standing up.

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You can find out more about breast augmentation on our blog pages. At London Lipo Institute, we have a number of plastic surgeons experienced in breast augmentation surgery. To book a free consultation, please call us on 01923 801601 or email Alternatively, please fill out the contact box below and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

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