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Buttock enhancement

The female buttocks are a key aspect of beauty. Our range of buttock enhancement procedures can significantly improve the aesthetic outcome for you.

buttock enhancement

We offer 4  buttock enhancement surgical options:

Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer to buttocks)

A Brazilian Butt lift involves the transfer of fat from other body areas (most commonly the abdomen and love handles) to the buttocks to increase the buttocks volume. In cases of insufficient fat deposits to harvest the fat from, it may be more appropriate to consider an implant placed into the buttocks to create a rounded look with enhanced profile. This form of buttock enhancement creates a very natural appearance to the size and overall shape of the buttocks.

Buttock Augmentation Using Soft Silicone Implants

In cases of insufficient fat deposits for a Brazilian Butt lift, buttock enhancement using soft silicone implants is a highly effective option. As with a breast implants, buttock implants can help to give a more feminine contour to your buttocks with a enhanced fullness and profile.

Lower Buttocks Lift

A lower buttocks lift can help to raise a “sagging bottom” and result in a more feminine rounder, contoured, and enhanced profile. Excessively long buttocks can be shortened, and removes the excessive “sagging” tissue that is unsightly to many women.

Buttock thread lift

The Buttock thread lift is also known as the “scarless butt lift”. Mild sagging of the buttocks can be treated using this minimally invasive buttock enhancement technique. The threads have special cones and knots embedded within them and these are surgically inserted into the tissue of the lower buttocks. The surrounding soft tissues attach onto the cones helping to keep the buttocks lifted. The procedure takes approximately one hour and can be combined with other procedures, including advanced liposculpture and the Brazilian Butt lift.

buttock enhancement



Brazilian Butt lift FAQs

What does the procedure involve?

Liposuction is performed first around the buttocks to increase the prominence of  the buttocks. These areas include the abdomen, thighs and lower back area. Additional liposuction is performed to harvest enough fat to reinject into the buttocks. The harvested fat is carefully purified using a unique filtration process to increase the percentage of viable fat cells, The processed fat is reinjected with special instruments called cannulas, The aim is to create a smooth, contoured and natural appearance to the buttocks.

Are there other surgical options for buttock enhancement?

Another buttock enhancement option is to insert buttock implants. This is a better option for women who lack the necessary fat to transfer with the Brazilian Butt lift. In this procedure, buttock implants are inserted to increase profile, volume and appearance. If there is enough fat elsewhere, the preferred option is to perform fat transfer as the best option for buttock enhancement. If there still remains insufficient volume giving the desired projection, buttock implants can be considered as the next step. Both fat transfer and buttock implants give very aesthetically natural results for the buttock area. The fat transfer procedure carries a lower risk of infection compared with buttock implants. There is the additional benefit of liposuction to the other body areas. The most natural results are created with liposuction and fat injections.

How can fat survival rates be increased?

The transplanted fat needs nutrients to survive in its new location. This depends on having a good blood supply to the transplanted area. We use a unique technique of stimutating the growth of this vital blood supply by using PRP (platelet rich plasma). PRP is from your own blood and contains important growth factors necessary for blood vessels to grow into the new fat. Injected with the fat, more fat is nourished with blood and therefore more fat survives. Fat survival can also be increased by not putting pressure on the treated areas i.e. not sitting on the buttocks for at least two weeks. Stopping smoking will also significantly enhance the results.

How soon can I return to normal activities after the buttock enhancement procedure?

Following the procedure, you must not sit directly on your buttocks for three weeks. The best results are possible when this is adhered to. Return to work can occur after one week. A special compression garment must be worn for two weeks. Swelling may take up to six weeks to resolve. Return to full activities is possible for all patients after four weeks.

How long does the fat transferred last?

With a correctly performed procedure. The result is long-lasting and permanent. The key factor is on the development of a new blood supply to the transplanted fat. We have fat survival rates of approximately 80%. One of the highest figures in the UK. Our techniques are gentle and we avoid centrifugation (spinning of the fat to separate it) of the fat. The principle of ‘less is more’ is key in helping to maximise fat survival rates. With our techniques which are performed by fully qualified Plastic Surgeons, a second and/or third round of fat injections will still be necessary in most cases to maintain the volume and fullness achieved.

Can anything be done for just sagging buttocks?

A common problem noted by patients is when they say their buttocks have fallen with time. There are number of buttock enhancement options to correct this include the buttock thread lift and the lower buttock lift. The buttock thread lift is a minimally invasive  solution to correct sagging buttocks. Specially designed long threads are placed in the buttock tissue that help to lift the buttocks to a higher position. The procedure can be combined with fat transfer for optimum results. A more comprehensive solution is to perform a lower buttock lift. This lift is designed for women who have excess skin in addition to sagging of the lower buttocks.

How do I decide which procedure is the right solution to address my needs?

Call us today and book your free no-obligation buttock enhancement consultation with our highly experienced Plastic Surgeons.

Buttock implant surgery FAQs

The typical age range for the buttock implant procedure is in their 20s to late 50s. It is a procedure for when there is insufficient fat to transfer for the Brazilian butt lift procedure. The procedure is an ideal second stage procedure for those who have had buttock enhancement with fat transfer to create a more feminine silhouette to their body with enhanced shape and profile.

Are buttock implants noticeable?

The most common technique is to place implants within the muscle of the buttocks. This muscle is called the gluteus maximus muscle. This ensures there is layer of fat over the implant as well as muscle covering the implant. With properly positioned implants, you will not be able to tell there are implants present and others will not be able to notice either.

Where do you make the incision for the insertion of implants?

The incision is barely noticeable. This is because it is placed between the cheeks of the buttocks and is well concealed in this crease. The resulting scar is very hidden. The skin edges will be stiched together in such a way as to create a deep crease and further conceal the incision. The natural contours of the buttock will not only be maintained, they will be enhanced.

Which is the best position for the implants, above within or below the muscle?

In a buttock implant procedure, the most safe and effective position is for the implants to be placed within the muscle. If placed above the muscle, there is a high risk of the implant changing position over time. The implants can fall too low creating an unsightly deformity. With placement below the muscle, there is a high risk of causing nerve and blood vessel damage. We always place the implants within the muscle for the best results.

What is the recovery period for buttock implant surgery?

The recovery period is typically longer than for a breast augmentation procedure. Patients must avoid sitting down for three weeks after the procedure, and most women find that standing is more comfortable than sitting. The importance of avoiding sitting on the buttocks will be emphasised to ensure a smooth recovery. You can still lie on your side or tummy, and even on your back with pillows to support your lower back to lift the buttocks. Intense physical exercise must be avoided for three weeks. Full activities can resume after six weeks.

Do the implants last forever?

Buttock implants can last forever. They do not need to be changed every 10 years and they soft and pliable. The “hard” sensation which can develop with breast implants happens very rarely with the buttock implants. Comparing breast augmentation to buttock augmentation, the complication rate is much lower with buttock implants, making this a very safe procedure in experienced hands.

What is the satisfaction rate for this type of procedure?

The implants will not be noticeable to others and creates a very feminine and contoured shape. The satisfaction rate is therefore very high. The vast majority of women are happy with their new shape and appreciate the buttock enhancement as revealed in dresses and other garments.

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