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Liposuction reviews

“I don’t shy away from mirrors when I walk through the house anymore!”

I gave birth to twins at 41. And no matter what you do, there’s that area that’s hard to get rid of. It got me really depressed and self-conscious.

I saw 3D advanced liposculpture and it was not invasive like the scary [other] things I saw online, and it was very cost-effective for me to fit my budget. No downtime — so I didn’t have to worry about missing any work.

The immediate results, my husband was like, “Wow! You can totally tell a difference. It’s just night and day.” And one month after, oh my gosh, I always have a smile on my face.
– Tina, Hampstead

liposuction reviews

“I wanted my body to resemble my lifestyle, now it’s actually fun to shop!”

I dieted, and it was very regimented. I exercised everyday. I actually spent too much time working out and exercising, but my body did not reflect that. I’m very thankful for advanced liposculpture because it changed my life.

I can wear normal clothes now! I’ve always had a difficult time fitting into normal clothes, especially with my arms. Now, it’s way easier to shop, and I can wear nice clothes!
– Rachel, Putney

liposuction reviews

 Patients Share Their Experience With advanced liposculpture

Liposuction reviews 1

“I was really surprised how painless the whole thing was. In fact, I would say it was even quite relaxing. Dr Tselentakis was really nice and everyone made me feel really at ease. It took about about 2 and half hours in total and I went for a walk in the park that same evening. I was back at work the following day.”

Miss J. Stone, 14th July 2014

Liposuction reviews 2

“I had done some reading into smartlipo and VASER liposuction – I was a bit apprehensive about both the quality of results reported by other people, and also the cost. The average quotation across all the clinics I spoke to was about 3000 pounds. I liked the up-front fixed cost structure – much different to other clinics pricing regimes.”

Mr A. Coates, 25th June 2014

Liposuction reviews 3

“I would say I was moderately overweight before I had my procedure with Firstlipo. I felt I just needed a kickstart to my diet and exercise program – after the first procedure and after a period of sensible eating and exercising – I had a repeat procedure on my lower abdomen and outer thighs- I really love the results!.”

Miss G. Turner, 05 June 2014

Liposuction reviews 4

The virtual consultation was really useful to me because I live in the north of England. After assessing my medical fitness for the procedure – I submitted photos of my troublesome areas to the surgeon and he put together a treatment plan – all without the hassle of the long journey down to London.

Mrs Nash, 21st May 2014

Liposuction reviews 5

“I had previously had liposuction at another clinic on my abdomen about 3 years ago. I wished to have a repeat procedure done but found the results from laser lipo to be really inferior for redo cases. After consulting a few specialists in the field, I looked into this new vibrating cannula technique and it seemed to be just right for my case.”

Mr Weston, 2nd May 2014

liposuction reviews

Liposuction reviews 6

“Just amazed at how gentle the whole process was!. I was browsing on my tablet computer and responding to emails while the procedure was taking place!.”

Miss Stephenson, 9th April 2014

Liposuction reviews 7

“Really loving the results on my hips and thighs 6 months down the line. Was worried about loose and saggy skin, but everything seems to have tightened up really nicely. I would emphasise how important the compression garment is to the healing process – it really helps!”

Miss Robertsons, 17th March 2014


liposuction reviews


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