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Important things to do before your procedure

The idea of surgery can be a nerve-wracking thing for some but for others it means change. There is a list of things to do before your procedure which is vital to make sure your surgery runs smooth. Here is our suggested list of things to do before your procedure.

The day before your procedure

1) Remove all body hair in the area being operated on. Shaving, clipping or using a depilatory cream will effectively remove the hair in that area.

2) After hair removal, you should shower using an antiseptic solution (Hibiscrub.) This is usually around £5 in pharmacies and online. This will just prepare and disinfect your skin.

3) All piercing should be removed the night before the procedure. This will drastically lower the risk of infection.

4) In most cases, our surgeries take place around 8am which makes fasting easy for our patients. We recommend our patients not to eat or drink 8 hours prior to the surgery. Little sips of water are allowed.

The morning of your procedure

1) You should take all of your usual medications unless your surgeon tells you not to.

2) You should shower using your hibiscrub antiseptic wash and brush your teeth.

3) Remove any makeup or nail varnish.

4) Remove all of your jewellery and valuables and leave them at home.

5) For your own comfort, you should wear baggy and dark coloured comfortable clothes. We also advise you to bring these things to make you as comfortable as possible. A pair of slippers and a gown, a bag to store your clothes, something to read whilst waiting and any medication which is needed.

The most essential thing is that you have arranged transport to and from the clinic. This is because after the procedure it is very unsafe for you to travel by yourself or attempt to drive. The procedure will not be able to go ahead if there is not a person travelling home/ looking after you once the procedure has ended. Before any surgical procedure, our surgeons will give you a more in detail list of things to do before your procedure. This will need to be followed strictly to obtain the best results.


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