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Brazilian Butt Lift – Is it worth it?

Brazilian Butt Lift – How do you know if it’s worth it?

You all must have heard the horrifying news about the death of a 29-year-old woman from Gold Coast after undergoing the well-known Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in Mexico. The cause of death was a punctured lung inflicted by a cannula, an instrument used during liposuction. Undoubtedly, all invasive surgeries involve some complications, therefore, so does cosmetic surgery. But it can most definitely be minimized with the use of right technique and technology. So what went so terribly wrong during the Brazilian butt lift surgery that cost the 29-year-old her life?

“Better be safe than sorry”

With an expert study on the case, we aim to provide you with a list of guidelines to follow before you undergo not only a Brazilian Butt Lift but any other surgical procedures and make it worth it. So let’s start!

  • Firstly, just like many others who have crossed border looking for cheap deals, the 29-year-old chose to undergo her Brazilian butt lift surgery in one of the popular destinations known to offer cheap cosmetic surgery, Mexico. Our experts say that one of the dangers of going for cheaper options is that these sort of clinics offer inexpensive services for inexpensive prices. “People are most likely to feel like a cattle in a herd or an assembly line”, says our surgeon. We highly recommend that you discuss the services they provide with your surgeon and make sure they provide the utmost safety and care from the beginning of the surgery until the end of your recovery period.

  • Secondly, the victim’s sister claimed that the surgeon who performed the surgery was not qualified. This has not yet been confirmed but the doctor who performed the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery had reportedly been in a legal dispute with Kim Kardashian. Therefore, research, research and research! Make sure that the surgeon is certified and fully trained to perform the surgery on you.

“My buttocks have always tended to lack volume and profile. For over a year, I researched the Brazilian Butt Lift technique before going ahead with Dr.Zegrea. Totally ecstatic with the final outcome. Dr Zegrea is the true Brazilian Butt King!”

  • Above is a testimonial from one of our patients at London Lipo Institute after her Brazilian Butt Lift. The point is, read reviews from their clients. Testimonials from clients are the next best thing to know how good the surgeon you have approached is.

So is it really worth getting a Brazilian Butt Lift?

YES! Not everyone is born with the perfect perky butt. So if you are not content with yours, then why wouldn’t it be worth it? It will be if the surgery is done under the safest optimized treatment technique with the best aftercare service and most of all a result that meets your expectation. Our only advice is, do your research and be sure to know who is performing on you before you go under their knives. Good Luck!

Please note that London Lipo Institute current offers fat transfers to the buttocks, which involves injecting fat above the muscle, rather than into the muscle, as is the case with Brazilian Butt Lifts. This makes the procedure far safer and reduces the risks of complications.