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Breast augmentation -Top Tips

What is Breast augmentation?

It is important to look at breast augmentation top tips to decide the right procedure for you. There are different types of Breast augmentation procedures such as silicone gel implants which are available as; liquid, a gel, or solid form which is similar to plastic. Also can be Saline implants which are sterile salt water implants. Also, fat transfer breast augmentation is also available which involves fat removal (liposuction) from one area and then it is transferred into the breasts. Breast implant surgery is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and can take between 60 and 90 minutes for the procedure to be finished. It is performed by an incision being made in the skin next to the breasts. There will be small scars but the information on the location of the scars will be informed to the patient. Once the incisions have been made the implant is placed between breast tissue and the chest muscle, once the implants are in place the incision is then stitched and covered. Usually, you are allowed to go home the same day but in some cases, you will need to stay in the hospital overnight any vigorous activity must be refrained from until up to 4-6 weeks, with the finished look of the breasts coming within a few months.

Things to consider about Breast Augmentation

There are many Breast Augmentation top tips that can be followed such as considering the different options as different implants can have their own advantages, also for some, they have limited size. For example, Fat Transfer Breast augmentation is for more natural looking results but only so much fat can be transferred to the breasts, for the procedures that involve silicone implants etc. can be made to any size but are more at risk of looking unnatural and in some cases if not correctly performed the implants can leak. Before deciding whether or not to have the procedure it’s important to consider the reasons you want it done and to research online before and after images so you already have an idea of what shape and size you wish to have. It is very important to consider whether or not you are eligible for Breast Augmentation, for example, you are not able to have this procedure if; you have had previous radiation therapy, are under 18 years of age, are pregnant, are breastfeeding or if you have an infection. It is best to book a consultation with a surgeon so that more details about the procedures are known and a decision on which type of breast augmentation would be suitable for you. To find more information on Breast Augmentation Top Tips it is available on the link below, to book a consultation please use the details below.

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