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Breast uplift surgery – Uplift your confidence


The ageing process can change a lot of your physical aspects whether you like it or not, but you’re not alone. Everyone at some point of their lives starts noticing changes in their physical appearance from as little as a streak of frown line to drooping breasts. Some of us slowly learn to accept these unfortunate changes but for some of us, it’s not that easy. Don’t let that bring down your confidence because it’s never too late to turn back time, especially not when cosmetic surgery technologies have so greatly advanced that we can easily turn that frown upside down in just a day. We offer a variety of services that can treat your changing body from head-to-toe, but today we’ll talk about how to treat those droopy breasts that were perky and nice not so long ago.

Why are your breasts drooping?

You probably asked yourself the question when you first noticed that your perfectly pointy boobs were starting to look a bit different, a bit saggy. Over time it just got worse and all those promising bras you’ve tried never could stop your breasts from drooping even more. Next thing you know, you don’t like the way your breasts appear in the mirror and you don’t feel as confident as you used to be. So why is this happening? It’s a very natural phenomenon and you can blame it on gravity. The connective breast tissues that have kept your boobs perky and plump gets stretched over time by gravity, and they can only hold on so much. If you’ve had kids, then it’s even more likely that you’ll experience saggy boobs earlier than women who have not yet been pregnant.

breast uplft surgery

How can breast uplift surgery help?

Breast uplift surgery also known as Mastopexy, is perfect for women who have lost the shape of their breasts due to the ageing process, weight-loss or breastfeeding after childbirth. The breast uplift surgery can help lift your breasts up in place giving them a youthful and perky appearance. Imagine wearing those breast lift tape, only this time breast uplift surgery lifts your boobs permanently. It restores the shape of your breasts and along with that hopefully your confidence.

The procedure
  • Breast uplift surgery takes about 2-3 hours for completion

  • Your surgeon makes an incision in your areola and vertically and horizontally along the breast crease.

breast uplift surgery
  • Excess skin is removed and the breasts tissues are uplifted to re-position your breasts at a higher position

  • You can add a complimentary breast augmentation procedure to enhance the size and shape of your breasts

  • After completion, your breasts will be wrapped with a supportive dressing

The recovery

We advise our patients to take 7-10 days off work for proper healing and best results, but it also depends on the type of work you do. You can go back to doing normal activities in a couple of days but we advise not to do any physically strenuous activities for about a month. A support band has to be worn for a few weeks to achieve the best results and for the breast uplift surgery to be really effective. The support band helps the breasts to stay in place as well as prevent pulling of the incision stitches with the weight of your breasts.

Any risks?

The risks involved with breast uplift surgery are not very major and if they occur contact your surgeon right away so they can prescribe you with appropriate medication.

  • Infection

  • Swelling and bruising

  • Wounds may start to weep