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Buttock augmentation in London – Most wanted by women


With girls constantly flaunting their perfectly shaped round perky bums in bikinis on Instagram, it’s leaving both the male and female Instagrammers ooing all over them and with it giving rise to a motivational hash-tag trend #bootygoals. As their selfies and beflies on Instagram are being reposted and #wcw’ed by thousands, you can’t help but notice that Instagram now has it’s own beauty and fitness motivators who have gained fame for their photos over time. So it’s no surprise that buttock augmentation in London has lately become a growing fad amongst the cosmetic surgery procedures. The female population seem to be wanting buttock augmentation more than ever. Plastic surgeons have claimed that most of their patients who want buttock augmentation in London are either too self-conscious about their body or just want to look and feel good. But whatever the reason may be, women can’t seem to get enough of buttock augmentation in London. There are 4 different types of buttock augmentation procedures offered at London Lipo Institute.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt lift involves the transfer of fat from one body area to the buttocks to increase the volume of the buttocks. A favourite among the ladies, it’s a two in one procedure involving liposuction as well as lipofilling and so is a highly demanded buttock augmentation in London. In cases of insufficient fat deposits to harvest the fat from, it may be more appropriate to consider an implant placed into the buttocks to create a rounded look with an enhanced profile. 

Silicone implants

In cases of insufficient fat deposits for a Brazilian Butt lift, buttock enhancement using soft silicone implants is a highly effective option. Buttock implants can give a more feminine contoured look to your buttocks with an enhanced fullness and profile.

Lower buttocks lift

A lower buttocks lift can help to raise a “sagging bottom” and result in a more feminine rounder, contoured, and enhanced profile. Excessively long buttocks can also be shortened with the procedure, and the excessive “sagging” tissue that is unsightly to many women can be removed.

Buttock thread lifts

The Buttock thread lift is also known as the “scar-less butt lift”. It is a minimally invasive buttock enhancement technique and can treat mild sagging of the buttocks. The threads have special cones and knots embedded within them and these are surgically inserted into the tissue of the lower buttocks. The surrounding soft tissues attach onto the cones helping to keep the buttocks lifted. The procedure can be combined with other procedures, including advanced liposculpture and the Brazilian Butt lift.

Please note: as of 2018, London Lipo Institute currently offers fat transfer to the buttocks. This is considered a safer option than a Brazilian Butt Lift, as fat is injected above the muscle, rather than into the muscle. We also offer buttock lifts to improve the appearance of saggy buttocks. We currently do not offer buttock implants or buttock thread lifts.