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Symmastia is a condition where the breasts appear to have no space between them and look as if they are merging together. This can cause lower self-esteem and body confidence issues. Fortunately, it is not something that you just have to live with. The appearance of the breasts can be improved with symmastia correction. 

What is symmastia? 

Symmastia is when one or both breasts cross the midline of the chest. This can make it appear as if there is no gap between the two breasts. 

There are two different types of symmastia. There is congenital, which means you were born with it. The second is iatrogenic, otherwise known as acquired. 

This is a rare occurrence which is mainly cosmetic; it generally does not cause any physical symptoms or cause any secondary health conditions. 

What causes symmastia?

There is no known cause for congenital symmastia. 

Iatrogenic symmastia is generally caused by a previous breast procedure which has been performed incorrectly. In most cases, the implants will have been oversized or positioned incorrectly. In some cases, the symmastia will be visible immediately, while for others it will be more noticeable once the post-operative swelling goes down. 

To correct symmastia, you will need to undergo surgery. 

Am I a suitable candidate for surgery? 

To undergo symmastia correction, you will need to be diagnosed with symmastia and dislike the appearance. 

You will need to be at least 18 years old to undergo symmastia correction. You will not be able to have surgery before your breasts have fully matured.

You will need to be at a stable weight. 

Prior to undergoing the procedure, you will need to meet with one of the surgeons to have a consultation. They will be able to assess whether or not you are a suitable candidate for this position.

What does surgery involve?

Both procedures will be performed under a general anaesthetic, which means you will not be awake for the procedure.

The surgical procedure will vary depending on which type of symmastia you have.

Congenital symmastia is more difficult to treat. The surgeon will mark out the skin. The skin will then either be removed through excision or liposuction. The exact method will vary depending on the type of symmastia. 

Iatrogenic symmastia is somewhat easier to treat. Again, the exact method will vary depending on the appearance of the breasts and the symmastia. The surgical procedure will involve removing the scar tissue and repositioning the breast implants. Some people may wish to alter the size of the implants during this procedure, particularly if the cause of the symmastia was oversized implants. 

What will the recovery period be like? 

It is normal to experience some redness, bruising and swelling following symmastia correction. For the first few days, you may also feel some pain and discomfort; you may wish to take pain medication to help with any symptoms. 

You will need to wear a compression garment which will work to support the breasts and reduce any swelling. 

You will need to avoid any strenuous physical activities for at least four weeks. 

You will have to attend post-operative appointments with your surgeon. This will give them the chance to assess your recovery and give you the chance to have any concerns answered. 

Are you interested in symmastia correction? This is a procedure that London Lipo Institute currently offers. Contact us today to find out more or to book a consultation.


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A Bilateral brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift, is a way to reduce the size and change the shape of your arm. Our arms and other parts of our body begin to sag as we get older. However, ageing may not be the only reason someone would need a bilateral brachioplasty. If a person has lost a lot of weight which has caused excess skin this procedure will be ideal to remove that skin. Did you know the skin on the upper arms is very thin and not very strong? This is why when it is stretched for a period of time it will be hard for it to shrink back to its original size. When you age the elasticity and the strength of your arm skin will decrease making it much harder for the skin not to sag. However, an arm lift is a very straightforward procedure. It carries barely any risks and has a quite easy recovery.

What happens in the surgery room?


The first thing that will happen is that you will be numbed by the anaesthetist to ensure you do not feel any pain or discomfort. Here at Lipo London we only use local anaesthetic as it is much safer. Once you are numb we will begin to create small incisions near the armpit and elbow. Next, the area will undergo liposuction to remove any excess fat.  The surgeon will begin to remove the excess skin. After all of the skin is removed the surgeon will then begin to close the wound with sutures.

What is involved with the recovery?

With arm lifts, the recovery is very short compared to other procedures. The only downside to the recovery is that you need to limit your physical activity for the first week after the procedure. For about a month after the procedure, there will be swelling but that is normal. Patients should be able to return to work one week after the procedure. There will be scars on the inside of your arms due to skin removal but over time they will fade. They will be located in areas which makes them barely noticeable.  

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Body contouring is a very popular surgical procedure falling among the Top 10 cosmetic surgery procedures in Britain. The surgical procedure is performed by plastic surgeons to sculpt an individual’s body by removing excess fat and sagging skin. In London Lipo Institute, our experts provide training solutions to Physicians from all medical specialities to perform body contouring on live patients with an FDA approved device, Lipomatic. Lipomatic is used to give patients the most aesthetically pleasing results with smoother contours on any area of the body that they feel is affecting their physique. A study conducted in 2014 by the British Medical Journal showed that out of 188 countries, the rate of obesity has risen by a huge 81 per cent since 1980, so it is no surprise that the demand of cosmetic surgery is increasing with it. Of course, every plastic surgeon knows the fundamental motive of body contouring is not to treat obesity but only to remove resistant fat under the tissues. So we look into the candidates who are suitable to undergo a body contouring procedure.

Who are good candidates?

With a massive pool of candidates desiring body contouring alone, how does a plastic surgeon in UK decide on who is suitable to go under their knife?

The Resistant 

There are many people who struggle to lose weight and the reason behind it solely being the presence of very stubborn fat under the layer of skin tissues that does not melt away with just diet and exercise. There have been many theories of why stubborn fat is hard to lose, but our favourite pick is the physiological reasons behind stubborn fat loss that links it to the hormonal and neurotransmitter receptors. This explains why women naturally tend to have more stubborn fat compared to men. Using the method of body contouring, a plastic surgeon can break away the stubborn fat cells with the power of vibration and permanently eliminate them from the body.

The Hanging

There are some who set off on a journey that requires many sacrifices and dedication to achieve their goal. However, not everyone’s journey ends there. Many patients who come to us have experienced drastic weight-loss in a short period of time. Naturally, the skin takes its time to retract and sometimes not fully, leaving an apron of excess skin hanging over. This not only affects an individual’s physical appearance but also emotionally after not having gained the satisfaction they really deserve. Body contouring can help contour the area as well as remove excess skin helping people achieve the results they originally may have hoped for. As previously mentioned, plastic surgeons cannot recommend a body contouring procedure as a treatment for obesity, however, weight loss surgery is an alternative that not only aids to weight loss but also encourages healthy eating.

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Facial Fat transfer, also known as lipogems or autologous fat transfer, is a method of removing and purifying fat before transferring it to another area of the body like the buttocks or breast. However, these are not the only places fat can be transferred too.

Why is it used?

Using lipograms fat transfer can help to restore lost volume in areas line under the eyes. It is also known to improve the skin tone and texture in the surrounding transfer area. These types of fat transfers are also used in replacement of anti-wrinkle injections. The fat can be used in areas like around the eyes, nasolabial folds, around the mouth, forehead, hands, lips and more.


How it’s performed.

Whilst performing this procedure we use tumescent liposuction, also known as Lipomatic. With any liposuction procedure, the patient is first injected with local anaesthesia in the areas where the fat removal will take place. This is so the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. Next, the surgeon will create little incisions so the cannula can be inserted into the area. Liquid with anaesthetic in it will next be injected under the skin using the cannula. When the patient is fully numb the surgeon will begin to harvest the fat. Once the fat is harvested it needs to be purified, each surgeon or medical clinic has its own method for purifying the fat. Finally, once all of the fat is purified and processed it will be injected into the needed areas giving a youthful yet natural look.  

Why use tumescent liposuction?


Tumescent liposuction is used for our surgeons and preferred by our surgeons for many reasons; here are some reasons to why.

  • It uses a smaller cannula which will create minimal scarring

  • Less bruising or swelling compared to traditional liposuction

  • The recovery time is short

  • There is no need for stitches but they can be used

  • It is performed under local anaesthetic so it is safer.



With any surgical procedure, there will be a recovery period. As fat transfer involves liposuction and then re-injecting the fat the recovery time is not as short as other procedures. There will be some discomfort and aching after the procedure due to the use of the cannula. The swelling will start to reduce within the first couple of days and the results will improve and become more noticeable over time as the fat needs to develop.


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What is Breast augmentation?

It is important to look at breast augmentation top tips to decide the right procedure for you. There are different types of Breast augmentation procedures such as silicone gel implants which are available as; liquid, a gel, or solid form which is similar to plastic. Also can be Saline implants which are sterile salt water implants. Also, fat transfer breast augmentation is also available which involves fat removal (liposuction) from one area and then it is transferred into the breasts. Breast implant surgery is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and can take between 60 and 90 minutes for the procedure to be finished. It is performed by an incision being made in the skin next to the breasts. There will be small scars but the information on the location of the scars will be informed to the patient. Once the incisions have been made the implant is placed between breast tissue and the chest muscle, once the implants are in place the incision is then stitched and covered. Usually, you are allowed to go home the same day but in some cases, you will need to stay in the hospital overnight any vigorous activity must be refrained from until up to 4-6 weeks, with the finished look of the breasts coming within a few months.

Things to consider about Breast Augmentation

There are many Breast Augmentation top tips that can be followed such as considering the different options as different implants can have their own advantages, also for some, they have limited size. For example, Fat Transfer Breast augmentation is for more natural looking results but only so much fat can be transferred to the breasts, for the procedures that involve silicone implants etc. can be made to any size but are more at risk of looking unnatural and in some cases if not correctly performed the implants can leak. Before deciding whether or not to have the procedure it’s important to consider the reasons you want it done and to research online before and after images so you already have an idea of what shape and size you wish to have. It is very important to consider whether or not you are eligible for Breast Augmentation, for example, you are not able to have this procedure if; you have had previous radiation therapy, are under 18 years of age, are pregnant, are breastfeeding or if you have an infection. It is best to book a consultation with a surgeon so that more details about the procedures are known and a decision on which type of breast augmentation would be suitable for you. To find more information on Breast Augmentation Top Tips it is available on the link below, to book a consultation please use the details below.

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What is Painless fat removal?

Fat removal is the process of fat being removed using cosmetic surgery which can help make the body the desired size and shape by removing unwanted fat from certain areas, which can leave the body looking more defined. This process can be done with painless fat removal and is normally referred to as liposculpture or liposuction. Liposuction using the lipomatic technique has been seen to be very effective and the pain is minimal and in most cases painless.    

 Liposuction using Lipomatic
Painless fat removal

Lipomatic is a device which gives effective and safely delivered high volume liposuction in any area of the body required with precision. The lipomatic method breaks down the fat cells using a cannula with its vibration and the fat is released carefully from the body. Lipomatic is a much gentler method of fat removal compared to other surgical methods, the use of a compressed air-assisted machine with the use of the cannula that rotates 360 degrees. The motion effectively removes the fat making it safe and risks are minimal if the surgeon is chosen wisely and follows the safety measures throughout the procedure. There are many advantages to this procedure such as the cannula being able to detect non-fatty tissues by the use of an active security system, this is very important to ensure muscle tissue is not affected and this procedure guarantees only fatty tissues to be removed. This procedure is referred to as the ‘tickle lipo’ due to the fact there is little or no pain caused during this operation. The procedure is shorter than most that are available and also costs significantly less. Also, the recovery is considerably quicker also, allowing the patient to get back to work quicker and return to routine activities.


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Fat transfer to the buttocks is done using liposuction transferring fat from one area in which fat content is considerable and injected into the buttocks. People may choose to have Fat Transfer Buttocks because they may feel uncomfortable with the shape and size with their buttocks and wish to use the fat transfer surgery to rectify this. Fat Transfer gives a natural curve to the buttocks area through the minimally invasive liposuction and transfer of fat cells. The fat transfer to the buttocks is performed usually under local anaesthetic, the fat transfer to the buttocks uses reshaping treatment around the saddlebags and the lower back with a transfer of fat to make sure there is a fuller shape in the lower body area. The fat is removed using a Lipomatic machine from the patients chosen area and is refined and injected into the buttocks.

Pre-surgery – Like any other surgery you should follow the surgeon’s requests prior to the surgery to make sure it is safe.  You must stop smoking 4 weeks prior to the surgery as it will prolong healing. You should also stop any medication that causes bleeding like Ibuprofen. This is because it can cause complications during the surgery like blood loss. You should be drinking a lot of water. Also on the day of the surgery make sure to use an antiseptic wash to avoid any infection.

Post-surgery – After the fat transfer to the buttocks is completed you should see more volume in the buttocks area and more shape, it is best to consult with the doctor to ensure that there is sufficient fat content to provide worthwhile results for the patient. After the procedure the patient may experience bruising and swelling but should fade after a week, also any vigorous physical activities are prohibited for two weeks to make sure there are no complications with the procedure. The patient can return to work after 2 days depending on the job role, jobs requiring heavy amounts of exercise is advised to return to work after at least a week. The patient should avoid sitting on their buttocks for the first couple of weeks as there will be a lot of discomfort.


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The ageing process can change a lot of your physical aspects whether you like it or not, but you’re not alone. Everyone at some point of their lives starts noticing changes in their physical appearance from as little as a streak of frown line to drooping breasts. Some of us slowly learn to accept these unfortunate changes but for some of us, it’s not that easy. Don’t let that bring down your confidence because it’s never too late to turn back time, especially not when cosmetic surgery technologies have so greatly advanced that we can easily turn that frown upside down in just a day. We offer a variety of services that can treat your changing body from head-to-toe, but today we’ll talk about how to treat those droopy breasts that were perky and nice not so long ago.

Why are your breasts drooping?

You probably asked yourself the question when you first noticed that your perfectly pointy boobs were starting to look a bit different, a bit saggy. Over time it just got worse and all those promising bras you’ve tried never could stop your breasts from drooping even more. Next thing you know, you don’t like the way your breasts appear in the mirror and you don’t feel as confident as you used to be. So why is this happening? It’s a very natural phenomenon and you can blame it on gravity. The connective breast tissues that have kept your boobs perky and plump gets stretched over time by gravity, and they can only hold on so much. If you’ve had kids, then it’s even more likely that you’ll experience saggy boobs earlier than women who have not yet been pregnant.

breast uplft surgery

How can breast uplift surgery help?

Breast uplift surgery also known as Mastopexy, is perfect for women who have lost the shape of their breasts due to the ageing process, weight-loss or breastfeeding after childbirth. The breast uplift surgery can help lift your breasts up in place giving them a youthful and perky appearance. Imagine wearing those breast lift tape, only this time breast uplift surgery lifts your boobs permanently. It restores the shape of your breasts and along with that hopefully your confidence.

The procedure
  • Breast uplift surgery takes about 2-3 hours for completion

  • Your surgeon makes an incision in your areola and vertically and horizontally along the breast crease.

breast uplift surgery
  • Excess skin is removed and the breasts tissues are uplifted to re-position your breasts at a higher position

  • You can add a complimentary breast augmentation procedure to enhance the size and shape of your breasts

  • After completion, your breasts will be wrapped with a supportive dressing

The recovery

We advise our patients to take 7-10 days off work for proper healing and best results, but it also depends on the type of work you do. You can go back to doing normal activities in a couple of days but we advise not to do any physically strenuous activities for about a month. A support band has to be worn for a few weeks to achieve the best results and for the breast uplift surgery to be really effective. The support band helps the breasts to stay in place as well as prevent pulling of the incision stitches with the weight of your breasts.

Any risks?

The risks involved with breast uplift surgery are not very major and if they occur contact your surgeon right away so they can prescribe you with appropriate medication.

  • Infection

  • Swelling and bruising

  • Wounds may start to weep


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Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty for weight-loss

An endoscopic procedure ideally for people who want to lose the extra 40 – 50 pounds of excess fat and have not been able to do so with diet and exercise alone. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty help people jump-start a healthy life by triggering weight-loss. It is a procedure that is especially available for people who may not have been offered the sleeve gastroplasty due to their physical or medical condition. People who had been originally refused now have an option and hope to change their lives for good.

The procedure

The procedure is a day-case procedure that involves no incisions or stomach stapling. It involves constricting the stomach to make it into the size of a sleeve. A tool is inserted into the stomach with the use of endoscope, which is then used to create a much smaller chamber for food by suturing. This means the patient will be eating less and feel fuller very quickly.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty An advantage of the Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is that it can be reversed or removed whenever the patient may desire. The procedure does aid with weight-loss by making the patient unable to eat as much as they normally would, but diet and exercise is also necessary to achieve the best results. Therefore, it is extremely important for the patient to maintain a disciplined approach by eating healthier and nutritious meals in small portions.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in London

Only a few clinics offer the procedure for weight-loss in London and so is performed with great expertise. Here at London Lipo Institute, we encourage our clients to follow-up with us throughout their weight-loss journey, as we help them manage their diet and by this way, we help them achieve the best results they desire. We are enthusiastic about being part of our client’s weight-loss journey and do our best to deliver a satisfactory outcome.

Note – London Lipo Institute does not currently offer endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. 


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Vampire breast lift to plump up

Remember the bloody video of Kim K getting a vampire facial? Here’s a photo if you don’t! Kim K vampire facial Well now the inventor of the Twilight Saga inspired procedure has something similar for your boobs. It’s called the vampire breast lift and women are getting it to plump up their cleavage. The procedure Similar to how vampire facial is performed, the vampire breast lift is performed by drawing blood from the patient, separating platelets from the red blood cells, combining the platelets with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), and then injecting the product into the breasts. The inventor now claims that his promising platelets-rich-procedure, the vampire breast lift has growth factors that can be used to lift up saggy boobs, improve the shape and look of the cleavage, and even correct inverted nipples, remove stretch marks and increase nipple sensitivity. The procedure takes about 15 minutes with tiny needles continuously being injected to your breasts, and it can be quite painful. The results are supposed to show just a few days after the procedure, however, the final result can take up to 2 months. The result can last up to 2-3 years, but some claimed to have experienced permanent results. vampire breast lift

Are you a candidate for vampire breast lift? If you want a difference in cup size or want a similar result as implants, then it’s not for you. The vampire breast lift can, however, reshape your breasts to make it perkier. The procedure is not suitable for younger or elderly women but is mainly targeted at women who already have had breast augmentation and the results are starting to droop. It is said to even help those who have lost sensations on the nipples after getting breast implants. So if you’re not squeamish at the sight of blood and wish to ‘naturally’ plump up your boobies, a vampire breast lift is one way to get a fuller and youthful looking cleavage and perkier boobs without going under the knife.