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Cosmetic procedures for men – Get it for lunch

Cosmetic procedures for men that you can get during your lunch

Can I get a plate of cosmetic procedures for men please!“, said no man ever – until now. Because now you can turn back time in under an hour. The advancement of cosmetic procedures for men and women now has the power to not only make you feel and look good but also save you time. Men in particular like to keep their tricks for maintaining their good look a secret, therefore, search for quick procedures with minimal side effects but effective at the same time. Isn’t that right lads? Get yours done during your lunch break and return to work immediately, that’s how quick it is – and your secret will be safe. All you need to do is find a clinic nearest to your workplace, should be easy if you’re in London. But remember, always research who will be treating you before you let them #DoYourHomework. Here are few of the minimally invasive cosmetic procedures for men that can be done within the hour of your lunch break with highly effective results and safety.

Front belly fat and love handles

cosmetic procedures for men The liposuction procedure for men can be done within 60 minutes. Keep in mind that it is not a weight-loss treatment and is more suitable for men who like to keep in shape but have problem areas that they can’t seem to get rid of. During the procedure, a cooling applicator is used to target the fat cells, which gets frozen and then is naturally eliminated by your body. Result – Expect a 20-30% improvement in your bulge after your treatment.

Under eye-bags

Only takes 10 minutes of your time, an injectable filler called Juvederm, which is also produced naturally by your body, is injected underneath your eye-bags to help lift it in a broad way to reduce visible bumps and lumps. Cosmetic procedures for men such as these contribute to restoring your overall appearance making you look younger, and potentially feel young too! Result – You should notice differences immediately after the procedure. The only catch with this cosmetic procedure is that you will need to get it again after 6 months or a year if you wish to keep your youthful appearance.

Sagging jaw-line

This procedure takes about 15-20 minutes, a radio frequency technology with very little discomfort involved, is used to help tighten saggy, loose skin for a defined jaw-line. Result – One or two follow-up sessions may be required for this procedure depending on the optimal result you desire. If you want to maintain your appearance, you will need to go back for it every year or two.

Veiny hands

If the skin on your hands has lost it’s elasticity over time, making veins underneath appear prominent, a volumising filler can be injected into your hands and the procedure only takes about 10 minutes. Result – The treatment can last from 9 to 18 months but you may have to go for more than one session depending on the results you want.