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Cosmetic surgery – latest developments

Cosmetic Surgery is to change appearance. Pardon?

The medical field of cosmetic surgery started 100 years ago when British soldiers were needing skin reconstruction caused by horrible injuries during World War II, which started a revolution of what is now popularly known as cosmetic surgery. 100 years later, as cosmetic surgery techniques advances with technology, it has gained huge popularity mostly among women aged between 20 – 55+ and also with increasing popularity among men. Along the years, unfortunately, there has been a lot of misconceptions about the purpose of cosmetic surgery and that it is to completely change one’s appearance. What people fail to consider is that people who have undergone drastic changes chose to do so with their ‘own free will’, and that does not define the sole purpose behind the medical treatment. Yes, I use the term ‘treatment’ because cosmetic surgery not only offers enhancement of appearance but also contributes to a person’s mental health as it helps them with their self-esteem when they feel better about themselves after a procedure. For instance, here at London Lipo Institute, we offer facial rejuvenation treatments to tighten wrinkled skin, tummy tuck surgery for new mommies post-pregnancy who experience loose skin in the abdominal area, and also breast reduction for men who have gynecomastia (enlarged breasts). Plastic surgeons have constructed techniques of cosmetic surgery in such variation that it provides a solution to any problem that seems impossible to fix. Council member of the European Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Ion Zegrea says, “Patients don’t want to look as if they have been operated on. They want to look healthier, brighter, but not necessarily much younger”. Evidently, breast enlargement surgery has fallen by 23% in the UK in comparison to last year as the most popular breast size reduces to ‘a full C’. This definitely shows a change in attitude among people in Britain as people no longer want to change their appearance. “It’s now all about being subtle”, adds Zegrea. Keeping this in mind I’d say, when science has created a way to augment one’s god-gifted appearance, then why should one settle with something they are not entirely content with, right?

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