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Cosmetic Surgery for Halloween

Cosmetic surgery for Halloween

Before you get the wrong idea, this blog is not to encourage you to get cosmetic surgery for Halloween and completely change your appearance. Although there might be a few who may even consider it, which to be honest would be worrying because it’s Halloween we’re talking about. Halloween is just in 4 days, and if you’ve been on social media you must have noticed the countless posts by people sharing their creative ‘Halloween-look’ ideas. Well, it is indeed the only time of the year people get to flaunt their creativity by making themselves look ridiculously weird for the occasion and yet fit right in. Alongside the typical superhero costumes and The Walking Dead inspired make-ups (if you know what I mean), there seems to be a new trend this year, cosmetic surgery for Halloween. Not everyone might appreciate someone with the look knocking on people’s houses Trick-or-Treating, but it’s still brilliant! Beauty-gurus seem to have found a creative way to represent cosmetic surgery by drawing incision lines on their faces with make-up this Halloween. cosmetic surgery for Halloween Some are even trying out the ‘botched’ cosmetic surgery for Halloween-look, which are quite decent-looking. Thank God! cosmetic surgery for Halloween And looks like even men have joined the trend. cosmetic surgery for Halloween

Does this mean people are now more open about cosmetic surgery?

The booming demand for cosmetic surgery procedures such as anti-wrinkle injectables and Breast Augmentation among women and Rhinoplasty among men, it is no surprise that more people are willing to go under the knife over the year. So does this new Halloween trend show that the traditional perspective of cosmetic surgery has changed? Or are people just not caring about being judged for it? 🎃Happy Halloween