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Cosmetic surgery for Teens


“I’m not against plastic surgery”, says 17-year-old Kylie. “I only have lip fillers and the truth is, I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed”, she adds. With the world already obsessed with self-image, it seems like even the teens have now joined the boat. But let’s not put all the blame on poor Kylie – who by the way still denies that her dramatic transformation within just about a year is all thanks to the miracles of going under the knife, there are many other young celebrities who have given rise to the trend of cosmetic surgery for teens. Teenagers are willingly going to great lengths in order to look their best, mostly in their #selfies only to be posted all over Social Media. Even if optimal safety measures are taken for surgical procedures to minimise the complications, the trend of cosmetic surgery for teens has kept parents awake at night. In the UK, it was found that some beauticians and dentists had been offering cosmetic surgery to teens as young as 14 with lip augmentation being the most demanded procedure – #KylieJennerLipChallenge influence, perhaps? So the question that’s been on everyone’s lips lately is- how young is too young to have cosmetic surgery?

How young is too young?

There is no official minimum age for a person to have cosmetic surgery. Why is that, you ask? Well because cosmetic procedures are not just for people who want to look good or like a ‘celebrity look-alike’. There are procedures available out there such as ear correction for those born with ears that stick out or male breast reduction for those who hide under baggy sweatshirts most of their lives. Cosmetic surgery could at times be a life-saviour for some who may be struggling with a body feature that affects their self-esteem and often their social life. That being said, surgeons believe that it is still unethical to perform cosmetic surgery on someone under the age of 18. Yes, 18 Kylie!! Even though cosmetic surgery for teens is widely available, it is highly recommended that someone under 18 must carefully think about their decision and also involve their parents. The main reason behind this is because to get cosmetic surgery it is ideal that the person has reached his/her adult body size due to the fact that our body is always undergoing some kind of change from size to shape until the age of 18. Therefore, the results might not stay permanently as it would on a grown adult. Most importantly, some cosmetic procedures are surgical and so carries the complications of any other surgical procedures. So before you decide, ask yourself – Do I really wanna look like Kylie Jenner? 

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