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Cryolipolysis – Is it a liposuction alternative?

Cryolipolysis, what is it? Is a fat removing device which freezes the fat cells. It is known to be a non invasive alternative to liposuction. No incisions are made, no scars are left and it is much quicker than liposuction.

How does it work?

A vacuuming device is placed on the area where the fat needs to be frozen. Next, it is attached to the Cryolipolysis machine. The freezing will then begin, the patient will be surrounded by blankets and pillows to ensure their comfort as this procedure can take up to 4 hours. The fat cells are then destroyed but the results are not instant. Over the course of 3-5 months, the fat cells will naturally melt away exiting through the liver. It has been claimed to permanently destroy the fat cells up to 50% in the treated area.

Is it all positive?
Many clinics and patients have been warned to stay clear of this treatment. There have been many cases where the patients have been very uncomfortable or in agony during the whole procedure. People have been left burned and scarred due to this ‘non-invasive’ procedure. People have also found that unqualified practitioners offer and carry out this procedure at a cheap price which results in devastating results.
Is there an alternative?

There are many different alternatives to Cryolipolysis but here at London Lipo Institute we offer the latest and safest form of liposuction, this is Lipomatic. This procedure involves the patient being numbed using local anaesthetic in the areas needed. The area is then injected with a diluted anaesthetic to make the fatty tissue harder which makes it easier to remove. A vibrating cannula is then used to suction out the fat. By the cannula vibrating it makes it easier and safer to remove the fat from the area making the results look great. The results are instant and will only get better over the coming months as the swelling reduces and the skin will contract due to the use of a compression garment. Here at London Lipo Institute we only offer Lipomatic liposuction as it is safe and effective. However, if you are set on using Cryolipolysis we suggest you find a very highly rated and safe clinic or surgeon to carry this out. We also suggest you only go to a clinic that uses only qualified people.  

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