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How to find the right cosmetic surgeon in London

Whenever you are investing your money into something whether it is getting your car fixed or getting your hair cut you would only trust people who are qualified. So why think any differently of your surgeons? There are many cases where people have undergone ‘black market’ surgeries and have lost limbs or even lives because of the deadly procedures. Is not fully researching your surgeon or the clinic worth it? Here are some tips on how to find the right cosmetic surgeon in London.

What qualifications should a cosmetic surgeon in London have?

When researching your potential surgeon there is a couple of things you should look for. One of the most important things is making sure they have a genuine qualification in the type of surgery you will want. This is to make sure you will be fully safe in their hands. It is not necessary but it is preferred if the surgeon is a part of the BAPS (British Association of Plastic Surgery) or BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) This shows that they are members of a community of well-trusted surgeons. Your surgeon must also be registered by the GMC (General Medical Council’s.) Surgeons who are registered by GMC are trusted surgeons who have gone through the certain testing process to test their safety. All clinics and surgeons should be assessed by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) which is a company that ensures all clinics are hygienic, safe and trustworthy. Lastly, any good surgeon should be able to have a GP referral.

How should a cosmetic surgeon in London treat you?

When you have a consultation with your surgeon you should feel comfortable and relaxed. You should never feel rushed during your consultation; your surgeon should give you his full attention and not be constantly looking at the time as this can be very off-putting. You should also judge your potential surgeon by the way they speak to you. There should be a perfect balance of professionalism as well as informality. This is so you are able to know what you need to know but in a way, you will understand. Your surgeon should also be able to listen to what you say without judgement or interrupting. When they are interrupting they may not be able to know what they will need to as well as you may feel muted. A trustworthy surgeon should always discuss the risk of any procedure with you during the consultation. This is so you are fully aware of what could possibly go wrong during surgery. However, before any surgery, you should always do a lot of research to make sure that the surgery is right for you as well as the surgeon. This is because the surgeon may not have a good reputation or you may find a better alternative surgery which may fit you better. So always research to find the perfect cosmetic surgeon in London.  

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