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Gynecomastia Lipomatic

What is gynecomastia lipomatic?

Gynecomastia is a condition which only happens in men, it occurs at any age and the weight of a person does not mean they are more or less prone to develop this disorder. Gynecomastia is known to enlarge the size of a males breasts and it can be for one of these three reasons. A hormone imbalance can cause the breasts to start to develop or the individual may have undergone some kind of hormone therapy which also causes the growth of the chest. Some people also do not realise some medications that they are using cause the growth of the chest, medications like steroids, ulcer, heart antiandrogen and antidepressant medications, chemotherapy treatments as well as some products containing tea tree or lavender oil. The term ‘gynecomastia’ is derived from a Greek phrase which means ‘woman-like breasts’ which will make some men feel self-conscious or very secretive about their disorder. Gynecomastia is not a rare condition as it is believed to affect 40 to 60 per cent of the male population. It also comes in different forms, no two people are affected the same. Some males have both of their breast affected by the condition but some men only have one breast larger than the other.gynecomastia lipomaticGynecomastia – Causes for older men

Developing gynecomastia at an older age may be a red warning sign for some serious health issues. Liver or lung cancer can cause men do develop breast, but also cirrhosis of the liver, thyroid issues or hormone problems may also be a side effect of these health issues. Sudden weight gain, excessive alcohol consumption over a long period of time or drugs also cause Gynecomastia.

The Treatment

There are different herbal remedies which people believe cures their gynecomastia, but usually, they are non-effective and in some cases very expensive. Dramatic weight loss and exercise can help to reduce or even cure gynecomastia but this only usually works for overweight people. However, weight loss is not the only cure for Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia Lipomatic is the most effective and permanent solution for this condition. Lipomatic is a liposuction machine which uses a vibrating cannula to efficiently remove the most amount of fat cells possible. Using the lipomatic makes the whole liposuction process virtually painless.

Gynecomastia Lipomatic starts off by the surgeon creating a small incision under the breast so he is able to insert the cannula. Once the cannula is inserted the surgeon will start to inject anaesthetic into the area so the patient is fully numb. When the area us numb the surgeon will start to remove the fat by moving the cannula around the area where fat needs to be removed. Once all of the fat is removed the surgeon will begin to massage the areas to remove any excess liquid from the breasts and then will stitch the incisions closed.

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