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Hair loss in men


Hair loss in men can usually be detected by looking at the type of hairline you have, some men develop bitemporal recession which is a receding hairline. When a man ages, often they will notice hair is lost progressively over time. For some men, the hair loss through age is barely noticeable but for others, the hair loss is more severe and occur at younger years. The emotional effect of hair loss can be devastating and can cause the loss of confidence and happiness can be affected. Male Pattern Baldness normally follows a pattern of areas where the hair loss develops, there are three main areas of the scalp that are most vulnerable to hair loss. These include; -Hair loss in the temple which starts at the anterior hair line and then moves backwards. This occurs in the process of being an adult, this hair loss in this is is usually mild however some men develop a noticeable receding hairline and the hair loss will increase progressively over later years. -Hair loss on the crown which begins on the back of the head and spreads out in all directions normally occurs in circular hair loss. -Thinning over the middle of the front of the scalp which normally is first shown when there is a widening of the centre of the hairline. This is most common in Asian men.   Hair loss in menHair loss spreads from follicle to follicle, the bitemporal recession produces an expanding triangle of hair loss in each temple with no follicles spared in the affected area. The most common type of Hair loss in men is Male Pattern Baldness which is hereditary hair loss and can be passed down by either side of the family tree. It is caused by testosterone called Dihydrotestosterone, it becomes attached to hair follicles and causes them to shrink over time making the hair thinner until the area eventually becomes bald. It is important to act quickly if you wish to keep a full head of hair because once hair loss progresses it is much more difficult to use hair restoration surgery to its full potential. If you begin to see areas of the scalp that are thinning and are open to hair transplant surgeries you should book a consultation to see what can be done and if you are the correct candidate for this.  To find out more follow the information below.

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