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Hair Transplant – Solution for hair loss


Hair transplant has become increasingly more and more popular in recent years. Many celebrities have been enthusiastic about sharing their experience with the public and encourage them to use this procedure to gain back years the loss of hair may have inflicted upon the person. The private clinic at Harley Street had seen a 120% increase in hair transplant in 2014, which is steadily increasing year by year. This increase in hair transplant procedures are down to celebrity endorsement as more and more people are introduced into the procedures and because of celebrities public image it makes it seem more acceptable for the average person to do this themselves. Particularly over the years, the hair transplant procedures have advanced and with better technology, it has also become more of an interest in people. Wayne Rooney obtained a hair transplant in 2011 explaining by tweet “I was going bald at 25 so why not?” in regard to his own transplant, people who saw this gained this why not attitude which explains in the high increase in hair transplant procedures each year. People realise now they don’t have to live with the disappointment and embarrassment they may feel with hair loss, there are solutions to take away those feelings. With a hair transplant, many men and women will feel much more confident in themselves which therefore increases happiness and subsequently standards of living. hair transplant   The types of Hair transplantation that can be considered are:

FUE Transplant

The Follicular Unit Extraction is a process in which the follicular cells that allow hair growth is extracted from the strongest growing follicles which is typically the back of the head and is then individually inserted into small incisions that the surgeon has made when designing the new hairline.

FUT Transplant

The Follicular Unit Transplantation is a way of restoring hair growth in the bald areas by transplanting a strip of follicular units from the back of the head area and then placing the follicle grafts individually into the tiny incisions on the balding area which will then eventually grow new hair. Now hair transplantation is increasingly becoming popular with celebrities such as Wayne Rooney, James Nesbitt, John Travolta, Jon Cryer, Mel Gibson, Elton John and the list goes on. If you wish to gain confidence and feel comfortable looking in the mirror again by the use of hair transplant you can see by the difference the hair transplants have made to these celebrities. At London Lipo Institute, the hair transplant techniques FUE and FUT are now available for more information to use the contact details below if you wish to inquire more.  

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