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Instant result cosmetic surgery for the holidays


If you think it’s too late to look good for the holiday season, here are 6 instant result cosmetic surgery procedures that will change your mind.

1. Rhinoplasty Like any other cosmetic surgery procedures, bruising and swelling is unavoidable. Luckily, if you want a more appealing look for your nose by Christmas, rhinoplasty falls in the instant result cosmetic surgery category. You can expect the bruising to last for just about 1 week after which the stitches and cast on your nose can also be removed. You can expect to see the difference almost immediately and will look even better over time. By the start of the holiday season, your newly shaped nose will be ready.

2. Blepharoplasty Don’t let your hooded eyes hold you back from experimenting with eyeshadows this Christmas. Blepharoplasty can help you enhance your eye crease and give you instant results in just about 1-2 weeks. Any swelling and bruising should heal up by the second week and you should be feeling and looking presentable by then. Pink scars may remain for a bit longer but that can be easily covered up with make-up giving you a chance to experiment looks you never dared to try before.

3. Anti-wrinkle injections Probably an expected instant result cosmetic surgery procedure, it only takes a few days for its effect to kick in. You can expect to see quite a lot of difference on the first week itself and expect a much smoother look over time.

4. Lip augmentation The result is also almost instant with lip augmentation as swelling heals within 1 week after being injected. You can expect the injected areas to be presentable even without make-up immediately after the healing process. Your plump lips will be mistletoe-ready for the holiday season.

5. Otoplasty Some people are able to go back to their normal routine after the first week of surgery and by the second week, some feel comfortable to be in a social environment as the swelling should subside by then.

6. Ear repair surgery Ear repair surgery gives the most instant result out of all the cosmetic surgery procedures as there is no need to even take a day off from work unless you think you need it. You will experience very little discomfort and if necessary painkillers can be taken on the day of the surgery to feel at ease. A scar is unavoidable, however, it is just a fine line of stitches that can be removed after a week if desired or it will just dissolve over time.