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Liposuction for underarm sweating

Sweating is normal. It is a response to heat or sometimes even anxiety, and sweating is our body’s way to cool off. But unfortunately for some people, they tend to experience excessive sweating for no reason, especially in the underarms. The medical condition of excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis and study shows that it affects almost 3 per cent of the population. Hyperhidrosis is not a serious condition and neither is it life-threatening, but it does affect a person’s self-esteem out of embarrassment.

liposuction for underarm sweating It is not a pleasant experience for some because they will always be feeling self-conscious about whether their clothes are starting to stain or even have to worry about producing odour, and there are only so much deodorants can do. This could make an individual physically distant with people around them while they’re being too cautious not to make their excessive sweating too apparent. That’s when liposuction for underarm sweating comes in to help people suffering from excessive sweating get rid of their stinky problem.

Can liposuction for underarm sweating help?

Yes! Liposuction for underarm sweating aka ‘sweat lipo’ is performed in the armpit areas with a cannula. A combination of suction and scraping against the skin of the underarms is an effective way to remove the apocrine glands which produce sweat. However, the major sweat gland eccrine will stay intact, which means sweating is not totally eliminated but significantly reduced. liposuction for underarm sweating The procedure will be performed under tumescent anaesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout. The incision made for the cannula is very small so scarring is quite minimal which should heal completely in time. After your session of liposuction for underarm sweating, you can confidently be around people with one less thing to worry about.

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