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Liposuction of arms – Tone your arms

Do you have excess fat in your upper arm that droops downwards? You’re not alone! People struggling with flabby upper arm is quite common and exercise is not always the answer for many of us. That is why with advanced cosmetic surgery technology, we have introduced liposuction of arms at London Lipo Institute. We’re here to help reduce the burden your body and mind can’t anymore.

What causes flabby arms?

Flabby arms often come out of nowhere, but it could be likely to occur due to hormonal changes in your body throughout adulthood. There are cardio workouts that can help you tone the muscles in your arms and could make your arms look slimmer, however, it takes a lot of time and effort to get the results you desire. Not everyone has the luxury to hit the gym every day, we’re with you on that. That’s when liposuction of arms comes for the rescue.

How can liposuction of arms help you?

It is a quick and safe procedure performed using Lipomatic, the same machine used for liposuction.  The procedure is just the same as any other liposuction procedure, i.e. the fat is removed from the upper arms using a cannula. The main purpose of the procedure is to smooth out the uneven parts of the arms, to contour and tone it. However, it should not be taken as an alternative to weight-loss as it does not help prevent fat from reoccurring in the treated area.

Are you the right candidate?

Unfortunately, liposuction of arms is not suitable for just anyone. The elasticity of the skin in the arms is very important so that when fat is removed the skin can retract naturally in time. However, if you are already experiencing saggy skin hanging downwards then liposuction of arms will not be enough. The surgeon will most likely have to perform an upper arm brachioplasty after liposuction. 

How long is the recovery period?

After surgery, we usually ask our clients to take a day off from work but you should be able to go back to doing normal activities after that. You will be required to wear a compression band to help shape your arms properly and it is a vital part of your recovery. You should restrain yourself from lifting heavy objects for 10 days after your surgery and swelling and bruising should subdue in about 3 weeks.

What are the risks?

Some people are likely to experience scarring, allergic reaction, lumpiness, dimpling and sagging of skin. But complication such as lumpiness and dimpling on the arms can be resolved by a second liposuction procedure. Due to this reason, here at London Lipo Institute, we offer free touch-ups and corrections.

The outcome

The outcome after liposuction of arms are considered permanent, but they can easily go back to their original shape and size if one gains weight. The final outcome will not show overnight and will only be noticeable after a few months, however, some people like to combine the procedure with an arm lift for better results. Of course, it depends on the outcomes you want after your surgery. So we emphasize you to discuss this with your surgeon prior to your operation so they can recommend the best solution for you.