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Doctor FAQS

Physicians come from all over the world to train in Liposuction from our leading UK specialist Surgeons
Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures worldwide. Massive strides have been made in the safety aspects of liposuction in recent years. The procedure can now be performed as a day-case under local anaesthesia with minimal risks, side-effects or complications. Tumescent local anaesthesia (TLA) has revolutionised the safety and conduct of liposuction, as have continual improvements in cannula design. Powered liposuction has also been developed and subsequently refined to enhance the quality of fat aspiration. Vibration-assisted liposuction has been a major development in recent years, and in our experience, we have found this to be a more efficacious modality than either laser-assisted or ultrasound-assisted surgical liposuction. We employ exclusively tumescent local anaesthesia in conjunction with vibration-assisted liposuction – this is the method taught on the course. It is now widely acknowledged as the ‘gold standard’ method in liposuction across Europe and increasingly worldwide. The strength of the course lies in its hands-on practical approach throughout.
The first day will cover the essential basic science underpinning the practical performance of liposuction, including an in-depth discussion on tumescent local anaesthesia. The patient selection session will focus on identifying the most appropriate candidates for liposuction and gaining a more complete understanding of the indications and contraindications to liposuction in individual cases. This is the strength of the course – hands-on performance of liposuction under expert supervision. Emphasis will also be placed upon the aftercare aspects, including pearls of wisdom and potential pitfalls. The course concludes with a comprehensive question and answer session, and allows participants to bring together all of the important course themes covered previously, to develop an integrated understanding of the important concepts underpinning safe liposuction. 
You will assist in liposuction on real cases, which have been pre-assessed by the course faculty. By doing so, it is hoped you will develop the competence to eventually perform cases independently. The course focuses on the purely aesthetic indications for liposuction – over 97% of cases fall into this category. Particular emphasis is given to the treatment of the abdomen, thighs and flanks. These areas constitute the vast majority of Liposuction procedures in both adult females and males. Participants will be undertaking ‘learning by doing’. The vast majority of our delegates are from overseas, giving the course experience a very international flavour. Participants are able to compare and contrast the local practice in their respective countries. Our course faculty have considerable experience working in centres of excellence across the world, and so will be in a strong position to advise on implementing the most effective strategy for your needs. Previous delegates have remarked upon the highly intensive nature of the course, but we aim to make the experience an enjoyable one. The learning process is highly interactive, and participants will be encouraged to engage fully in the practical sessions. The course faculty are friendly and approachable and have many years experience of teaching safe liposuction technique. Instructors will also be on hand during the break intervals to clarify any points which remain unclear.
Upon completion of the course, it is hoped you will have attained the clinical skills to:
– Confidently assess prospective candidates for liposuction
– Carry out the procedure safely
– Competent to manage the aftercare for the liposuction patient
– Courses are held throughout the year. Course dates are decided by our attendees for maximum convenience.

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Who is the course aimed at?

Physicians of any specialism. The key unifying feature of all participants is their special interest in cosmetic procedures that are clinically proven, and have a long track record of patent satisfaction. Outpatient liposuction performed under local anaesthesia is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure worldwide and has the most successful safety record.

I have no prior experience in liposuction. Is this an issue?

There is no prerequisite for prior experience in liposuction. The course is comprehensive in scope and you will receive intensive instruction in all core aspects of liposuction.

Is there the opportunity to gain hands-on exposure during the course?

You will receive hands-on instruction in the practical aspects of Liposuction. Delegates will function as first assistant to the lead surgeon on a rotating basis on each case. You will participate in the entire process from photography and marking, infiltration and aspiration to applying dressings and compression garments. You will have exposure to approximately 2-3 live cases during the course.

Why are only three delegates allowed per course?

Increasing the delegate numbers would only be possible at the expense of significantly diluting the learning experience for the group as a whole. Learning opportunities are maximised by keeping numbers low. The instructor- participant ratio is 1:2. Nurses and surgical assistants may attend on day two of the course as observers.

Are the techniques taught on the course suitable for implementing in an outpatient setting?

The course is aimed solely at teaching the principles and techniques for performing liposuction in an office-based setting as a day-case. Patients are able to mobilise immediately following the procedure. Everything required to fulfil this need will be delivered on the course during the four days of instruction.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course?

Upon successful completion of the course, all delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

Does London Lipo Insititute offer courses on any other area of cosmetic medicine?

London Lipo Institute (LLI) specialise exclusively in courses focused only on Office Liposuction. This exclusive focus means we are 100% committed to ensuring our course offering remains as the 'gold-standard' course on liposuction - taught anywhere in the world today.

Is non-surgical liposuction covered on the course?

Non-invasive laser-based and ultrasound-based systems are not covered on the course. The clinical data supporting such proprietary systems are very limited, and hence the efficacy of these new modalities is still as yet unestablished. In addition, mesotherapy which is an injection-based technique for attempted localized fat removal is also not covered. Again, there is very limited clinical data to support the efficacy of mesotherapy.

What is the difference between the Physicians course and Nurses/surgical assistants course?

Physicians will attend for both days, making up the complete course. Nurses/surgical assistants will attend on day two as observers and will also gain knowledge and understanding of the pre- and post-operative aspects.

I am a surgical care practitioner, can I enrol on the Physicians course?

In recent years, there has been increased interest in the creation of a surgical practitioner role worldwide. Recognising the value of the extended role they play in the operative environment, the faculty will assess each application individually as to their suitability for the Physicians course. Such applicants will usually be required to enrol on the nurses/ surgical assistant course as observers.

Will refreshments and lunch be provided?

Refreshments and lunch are provided. There is a continental breakfast served daily.

Can you give me details of local accommodation near to the course venue?

A list of local partner hotels will be provided after successfully enrolling for the course. We also operate a complimentary shuttle service to and from the hotel for the two days.
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