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Where can you have liposuction performed?
LLI offers a range of areas which we perform liposuction. This differs for women and men. The most popular areas women request for liposuction are:
– Abdomen
– Hips
– Outer Thighs
– Inner Thighs
– Knees
– Arms
– Buttocks
Liposuction is becoming an ever increasingly popular procedure for men. The most requested areas for surgery for men include:
– Abdomen
– Flanks (“love handles”)
– Breasts (or treating gynecomastia).


During your consultation with your surgeon, you will have the opportunity to discuss the areas you would like treated. Your surgeon will then be able to discuss a plan with you in order to achieve the desired results.


The power of 3-dimensional body contouring with advanced liposculpture
Liposuction with London Lipo Institute is considered a safe procedure. Our surgeons use a technique known as tumescent anaesthesia. This is widely considered to be the safest form of anaesthetic for liposuction. The dilute local anaesthetic is injected into the fat cells, which then causes the area to become tumescent, otherwise known as swollen or firm. During the procedure, you will remain awake and be able to communicate with the surgeon, however, you will be unable to feel any pain and discomfort.

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What Types of Liposuction Is There?
When you’ve decided to have liposuction and you’re trying to decide on a surgeon, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. There are numerous different types of liposuction, but which is actually the best one for you?
At London Lipo Institute, our surgeons will spend time during the consultation explaining the different types of liposuction and which type will be used.
The different types of liposuction include:
Tumescent Liposuction: this is one of the most popular types of liposuction. It involves injecting a diluted local anaesthetic into the fat beneath the skin. This then makes the area hard and firm, otherwise known as tumescent. This means there is no need for a general anaesthetic during the procedure. This helps to eliminate bleeding during the procedure, meaning you will have fewer side effects afterwards. As a result of the lack of general anaesthetic and minimalised bleeding, tumescent liposuction is considered a more effective method.
Powered Liposuction: this involves using a vibrating cannula which removes fat easier. This method can result in less pain and swelling for the patient. It will also allow for the surgeon to be more precise during the procedure – an important factor to consider if you are having liposuction in smaller areas of the body.
LIPOmatic: this method was introduced in 2010, and is a newer variation of Power Lipo.
SMARTLipo: this is the machine which is used to help break up fatty cells prior to undergoing liposuction. This is an older form of liposuction which involves using a laser probe to melt the fat cells, without the use of suction. The cells are left within the body and are naturally eliminated by the body. This option is not particularly popular, as the results may take four or five months to be visible, and do not live up to patient’s expectations.
There are other methods of liposuction, such as Ultrasound (VASER), Radiofrequency (BodyTite), and water spray (WaterJet).
Can I Have Liposuction With Other Procedures?
Patients will often want to have liposuction alongside a tummy tuck. Liposuction is unable to remove issues such as saggy, loose skin. For those who have undergone significant weight loss, have been pregnant or have loose skin as a result of ageing, a tummy tuck can be a popular option. A tummy tuck involves making an incision above the pubic hairline. Excess skin and fat are removed, with abdominal skin being pulled down, tightened and sutured. You will be able to discuss in your consultation whether you would like to combine a tummy tuck and liposuction and whether or not you are a suitable candidate. 


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