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Liposuction Side Effects

In recent times, liposuction has altered and as such become much a much safer procedure. However, despite these altercations to the liposuction methods, it is still a cosmetic procedure and has potential side effects.

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  • Note that patients who are considered obese, have poor skin tone and elasticity, have poor physical health and have unrealistic expectations will not be considered suitable candidates for liposuction. Those who fall into these categories but choose to undergo liposuction elsewhere may result in more side effects. 
– Scars: at London Lipo Institute, we ensure there is minimal visible scarring. The incisions made will be 4mm in length. In rare cases, the scar may result in hypertrophic or keloid scars. The scars may appear to be a different colour to the skin tone. 
– Skin sensationyou may experience a temporary decrease in skin sensation after having liposuction. However, this generally resolves with time. 
– Bruising and/or swellingbruising or swelling is a normal side effect of liposuction. In rare instances, skin discolouration or swelling may be persistent and last for a longer amount of time. 
– Skin contour irregularitiesolder methods of liposuction resulted in depressions in the skin, which looked like wrinkles or ripples in the skin. However, this does not occur as often with newer methods of liposuction. The risk of this occurring can be further decreased by ensuring compression garments are worn for the appropriate amount of time after the procedure.
– Asymmetryit can be difficult to ensure perfect asymmetry with liposuction. There are numerous factors which will influence asymmetry, including muscle tone, bone structure and skin tone. 
– Seroma and haematomain rare instances, body fluid, otherwise known as a seroma, or blood clots (haematoma) can build up under the skin. Sometimes this can be treated with a needle and syringe, however, in some instances, there will need to be a second operation. 
– Infectionthis is a rare side effect after any cosmetic surgeon. However, there are numerous procedures in place to minimize the risk of infection. You will be washing in an antiseptic solution for two to three days, as well as taking antibiotics for three to five days. London Lipo Institue is proud to say we have an infection rate of zero. 
– Allergic reactionsin extremely rare situations, patients may experience allergic reactions to anaesthetic solutions or topical iodine. During your consultation, you will be able to list all of your known allergies, so surgeons will be able to take precautionary measures. 
– Long-term effectsfactors such as ageing, weight gain or loss, pregnancy may alter the outcome of the liposuction procedure. 
These side effects will be explained to you during your initial consultation, and any questions you have will be able to be answered by the surgeon.


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