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Lips for Life – Lip implants

Lip fillers are an effective and temporary way of enlarging your lips. Which means every 4-6 months you have to return clinic for a top up to keep your lips looking full. PermaLip also known as SurgiSil are implants which are a permanent way of keeping your lips full.

What is it?

PermlaLip or SurgiSil is a lip Implant which is created to look smooth and natural. The Lip implants are made out of a soft but solid silicone which is FDA approved. The implants are contoured to the natural shape of lips to create a natural yet enhanced look. These implants can’t rupture or deflate and can be removed at any time.

Benefits of Lip implants

  • Permalip implants are not injectable
  • They are naturally contoured to fit the face
  • The implants have a smooth surface which reduces the chance of tissue re-growth (capsular contracture)
  • The implants are permanent however they can be removed easily
  • They vary in sizes and shapes.
  • They cannot rupture or deflate

How lip implants are implanted

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. After the mouth is numb two little incisions are made in the corners of each side of the mouth. A tunnel is then created using a small cannula, creating this cannula will make it easier and quicker for the implant to pass through. The surgeon uses a special tool to pass through the implant. Once the implant is in the surgeon will massage the lips to put the implant in the correct place. The Incisions are then stitched shut and the process is repeated on the second lip. This process can all be finished within half an hour! With any procedure, there will be swelling and soreness but using a cold compress will combat these symptoms. When moving your lips for the first days you must be careful of the Incisions to avoid infection. You will be able to return to normal activities the following day.

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