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Luscious lips to pucker up for


What better way than to surprise your special someone with a gift under the mistletoe this Christmas, right? Or are you afraid that your lips might bring you down? Have no fear because this festive season is just the perfect time to plump up your thinning lips and stop worrying about ruining the perfect moment. We have a treatment just for you that can help you achieve fuller-looking luscious lips and make your Christmas just as magical as it needs to be.

Why do my lips look thinner?

The misconception about the continuous growth of ears and nose as we age may not be true, but sadly lips truly do get thinner with age. The reason behind it is because the older we get the less collagen our body will produce, which is needed for soft luscious lips. The UV rays of the sun are no friend either. The UV rays can cause our body’s soft tissues containing the collagen to break down that then results in thinner lips over time.

What can I do?

The only natural way to protect your lips from the UV rays and maintain fuller-looking luscious lips is to either avoid the sun, which to be real is impossible, or just never fail to apply lipstick or lip balm with sunscreen when you go out. Unfortunately, even these options can only do much. If you desire a long-term result to defy age, then lipsticks and lip-balms will not be enough. Lip augmentation is the next best thing you could do for your lips. The procedure helps you maintain your shape and plumpness of your lips and if you wish to achieve even fuller luscious lips, that can be granted too.

Non-surgical lip augmentation
Non-surgical lip augmentation may be the best starting approach for thinning lips. Non-surgical lip augmentation involves dermal fillers like Juvederm,  Restylane and Teosyal that ensures a lasting result without a long-term commitment. Dermal fillers can last six to eight months and the procedure takes only about 15-30 minutes of your time. It is a simple procedure with minimal pain and most importantly gives excellent results. However, our surgeons also do recommend 2-3 sessions of lip injectables in order to achieve the best look. Also, keep in mind that the results of this procedure are impermanent and so you will have to return for touch-ups for the period of time that you may want to maintain the achieved look. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect Christmas gift for both you and your special someone?

mistletoe ready lips During this time, you can experiment on a different level of plumpness and then decide if you want a more permanent solution for your thinning lips. That’s when the surgical technique of lip augmentation comes in.

Surgical lip augmentation
Surgical lip augmentation is a more permanent option that involves inserting a silicone implant. It is a long-term solution to defy age and maintain plump luscious lips. The procedure involves surgically inserting implants using tiny incision at the corners of the mouth and can take up to an hour for completion. The drawback is that it can be a bit more painful than the non-surgical option and may even result in bruising for the first few days. Since it is a long-term solution for lip enhancement, however, after the healing period is over you will not have to worry about the implant and you can start loving your luscious lips ready to pucker up.

surgical lip augmentation incisions    surgical lip augmentation incisions Wishing you a magical moment under the mistletoe this Christmas!