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Male Breast Reduction Surgery is getting popular

Why are more men seeking Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

As we all know women are not the only ones complaining about their ‘too-large’ breasts. Gynecomastia aka ‘man boobs’ or as some like to call it ‘moobs’, is referred to the condition where men experience enlargement of the gland tissue in the breast area caused by the imbalance in their hormone level.  It normally occurs in boys during puberty and approximately 1 in 3 older men and in most cases due to obesity.

Male breast reduction surgery motivations

An era of glossy magazines and tabloids featuring only good looking figures has led to even men opting for male breast reduction surgery – a surgical short-cut for getting rid of fat deposits from their breast. Sadly, gynecomastia has become a source of mortification for some as media mocks the imperfections of middle-aged men with their breasts and belly poking out of their shirts. While some have admitted that they purely wanted to look good and stop avoiding to take their shirts off in public, others have claimed to have gotten plastic surgery to compete with the younger men who seem to be paying more attention to their appearance in their workplace or the dating arena. The cultural acceptance has changed so much that they can’t afford to look old and tired.

What causes Gynecomastia?

Research shows that up to third of all men who suffer from it is simply due to obesity. But there are numbers of other people who go through pubertal gynecomastia, which happens during a boy’s adolescence where he develops excessive breast tissue due to hormonal imbalance. Among them, there are some men who have a small amount of tissue build up that is barely noticeable until they gain weight and they start gaining more fat in their breasts. In older men, gynecomastia usually is caused by other issues, including liver or lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, overactive thyroid or hormone problems. Excessive alcohol consumption or illicit drugs may also cause it. Whatever the cause may be, British men seem to be quite concerned about the size of their chests.

Do you need male breast reduction surgery?

If you hide under baggy sweatshirts and feel uncomfortable taking your shirt off, then male breast reduction surgery also known as reduction mammoplasty could be the right thing for you. However, there are also certain requirements you will have to meet to be the right candidate for the surgery. You will have to be:

  1. Healthy and should not have a medical condition that can impair healing

  2. Are physically healthy and are at a relatively normal weight

  3. Experience physical discomfort from oversized breasts

  4. Have good skin elasticity