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Mini Tummy Tuck in London – Recovery blog

The procedure

Mini Tummy Tuck is rapidly growing as a cosmetic surgery procedure because it is an excellent method for shaping the belly and create a flatter look. Everyone wants a nice figure from girls wanting to be beach body ready for the summer to new mothers needing mommy makeover to remove loose hanging skin post-pregnancy. A mini tummy tuck is preferred by many more than a full tummy tuck as the incision is smaller, less scarring and faster recovery.

Recovery recommendation from our surgeons

mini tummy tuck in london Here at London Lipo Institute, we use tumescent local anaesthesia for sedation to deliver the most pleasant and comfortable feeling during surgery as well as a faster recovery. The surgery takes up to 3-4 hours followed by 30 minutes to an hour of relaxation for you to be fully awake and then you should be ready to leave. We recommend our clients to take at least a day off so we can visit them for a follow-up consultation after the surgery, but after that, you will be able to carry on with normal day to day activities. Walking is highly recommended as it will help reduce swelling and blood clots, however, extensive workouts should be avoided for at least 3-4 weeks. Incisions made during the mini tummy tuck surgery must be taken care of to avoid infection. Keep them clean and dry.

Recovery Testimonials

“After my mini tummy tuck surgery I felt extremely tired but I couldn’t feel much pain at this point. The only inconvenience was that I couldn’t take deep breaths because the garment was tight on my belly but I understood I needed it for my skin to retract naturally. I was amazed at how I was feeling very little and sometimes no pain at all throughout the recovery period. By week 4 I was completely comfortable with my new body, the scars were healing and I was back to feeling normal like I didn’t even have surgery. I’m really pleased with my body and you can even barely see the scars for the incisions. I’m ready to put on my bikini and flaunt my new body.” – Joanna, 30 “Guys! Don’t be afraid if you need cosmetic surgery. I know most men would rather be on protein shake diet and maintain extensive gym sessions to get the abs, but I’m not the type. So I resorted to a mini tummy tuck to get rid of my lower abdominal fat. I love the results and I no longer feel self-conscious.” – David, 29 “I’m an active person and I’m always trying to hit the gym so when I had my mini tuck surgery I was not gonna stay in bed. My surgeon recommended that I avoid extensive workouts for at least 3 weeks so I decided to walk around whenever I could. Within 2 weeks of my surgery, I was doing light abdominal crunches and it actually helped me with the recovery. I’m glad I didn’t go for a full tummy tuck which I originally wanted or it would have taken a long time to recover.” – Holly, 23

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