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Neck Liposuction – Who is it for?

The Procedure

Neck liposuction is an effective cosmetic surgery treatment to remove excess fat from the chin, cheeks and jowls. The surgeon makes tiny incisions typically behind the earlobes and just under the chin. A thin cannula is inserted in the fatty area and the unwanted fat is removed. Here at London Lipo Institute, our surgeons use an FDA approved device called the Lipomatic to perform the procedure. The client will be under tumescent local anaesthesia which means he/she will be awake throughout the procedure.

Are you a candidate for the surgery?

Unfortunately, neck liposuction is not suitable for everyone. Only young skin with a good deal of elasticity can most likely see effective results. Neck liposuction can boost an individual’s feelings of confidence and youth. Ideal candidates for neck liposuction in London are individuals who:

  • Desire reshaping of the neck and not weight-loss

  • Have specific fat pockets that are resident to diet and weight-loss

  • Do not smoke

  • Have firm elastic skin

We emphasize that the candidate should be informed about the procedure before-hand in order to have a realistic expectation about the outcome after their neck liposuction surgery.

How long is the recovery period?

Bruising and swelling should subdue within three weeks. We highly recommend our clients to wear an elastic compression collar around the neck for up to 6 weeks after surgery. It is a requirement so that remaining fat after liposuction has support and will not be affected by gravity. Some clients experience lumpiness, dimpling, scarring, and discolouration. However, this can be minimised by following correct instructions of your surgeon.