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Otoplasty in London – Hear us out

First, listen!

Remember how some mornings you wake up with painful ears maybe because you slept on it for too long? Now imagine it happening to you more often than usual. Not a pleasant thought is it? Sadly there are some people who do go through it more often. And it’s something you really can’t get used to.If you’re one of them then hear me out! The reason behind it is a pair of protruding ears. What it means is that some people’s ears are bigger compared to an average sized adult ear and can stick out and look more prominent. Some are born with it and for some it happens during the time the ear is developing to it’s adult size if the cartilage of the ear does not fold properly. There is no health issue related to protruding ears, however, it can have a huge impact on the psychological state of a person out of embarrassment, especially if they have been bullied because of it. Due to this it can result to lack of self-confidence in a person. In UK and anywhere else in the world, celebrities with flawless features have made us all self-obsessed about our image. And it is becoming the norm for the society of this era. Undoubtedly, each one of us have something we don’t like about ourselves but there are ways to cover up our flaws. But imagine a life of discomfort physically as well as mentally because of something you were born with. Wouldn’t you want to get rid of it? Well that’s when the wonders of cosmetic surgery comes to play. Otoplasty in London has been experiencing a high increase in demand.

The procedure

Otoplasty also known as Pinnaplasty or ear reshaping is a simple cosmetic procedure to resize, reshape or hold back protruding ears. If you feel like you need to do something about your ears then otoplasty is perfect for you. The procedure takes about 2 hours and is performed under local anesthesia. It can also be performed under general anesthesia but here at London Lipo Institute we prefer to use tumescent anesthesia for our clients for their own safety, comfort as well as quicker recovery. The surgeon makes an incision along the crease behind the ear and then removes the excess cartilage that could be causing the ears to stick out. The ear is then stitched back closer to the head. A dressing will be wrapped around your head after the surgery to support the cartilage in place and we recommend you to wear a compression headband to ensure natural healing without affecting the newly formed shape of the ears.


Our surgeons would recommend you to take at least a day off from work for your rest as well as a follow-up check up. But because you will be under local anaesthesia during the procedure, the recovery is quick and you will be able to go back to doing your normal activities within a day. You will be required to wear a compression headband for 5-7 days for support as well as to stop the ears from getting caught on the pillow at night. You can resume back to washing your hair after the bandages around your head have been removed.

Find out more

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