Plastic surgeons in London – Who do you trust?

Who to choose?

Every year almost 65,000 people in the UK are going under the knife and risking their bodies in the hands of a plastic surgeon, but how do you know whom to trust? Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that will involve a lot of complications if you fall into the wrong hands, so putting yourself on a table with just anyone operating on you would not be wise. You must also have come across cases of cosmetic surgery disasters, which have even been brought to the limelight by Leslie Ash who recently launched her ITV series called Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares to warn Brits about the potential risks associated with cosmetic surgery. This may even put you off ever considering cosmetic surgery. But in all fairness, not only cosmetic surgery but any surgical procedures will involve complications if you fall into the wrong hands. Luckily, these risks can be avoided by doing well on your part, research! The rapidly growing number of cosmetic surgery institutions will make it harder as in London alone, there are more than 200 clinics people can choose from. So how do you find the best plastic surgeon in London suitable for you?

An essential guide
  • Know your surgeon – Big names, glossy advertisements and celebrity endorsements may seem tempting, but regardless of how known the institution is #DoYourHomework. Check the list of all the registered plastic surgeon in London as well as everywhere else in the UK provided by the General Medical Council (GMC).

  • Be aware of red flags – Have you had a consultation directly with your surgeon prior to your surgery? According to the British Association of Plastic Surgery (BAPS), counsellors or advisors are not qualified to speak to you regarding your surgery. Most plastic surgeons in London do offer consultations before the initial surgery but be sure that you are being seen by the surgeon who will be operating on you just to be sure that you feel confident enough to trust the surgeon.

  • Be safe not cheap – Cosmetic surgery procedure are quite an expense and clinics that offer half the price compared to others may seem like the right choice for your budget. But think about it, you might save some money now but end up paying the price for the rest of your life if something goes wrong. There are many plastic surgeons in London offering different prices to choose from, so take advantage of that and compare their prices and most importantly their expertise and services before you make your decision.

  • Stay in the UK – Some people tempted by cheap prices even fly abroad to get cosmetic surgery. But is it the right choice? Our plastic surgeons in London Lipo Institute would say NO. The reason behind it is because the regulations for plastic surgeons in another country may not be the same as in the UK, which instantly puts your well-being at risk.

  • Your history is important – Plastic surgeons in London and everywhere else must be asking you about your medical history and your lifestyle. You may just decide to keep your social smoking habit to yourself, but don’t! It is very important that your surgeon knows about it as your history contributes to your ability to heal.

  • Be prepared for disappointment – You may just find yourself in a position where a surgeon is refusing to treat you. That’s quite normal. Some plastic surgeons in London are known to have refused to work on clients, and that is actually a good practice. It could be due to many variables, which mostly depends on an individual’s body type, health and lifestyle. A good surgeon will refuse to operate on you if they think you will be exposed to a lot of risks.

Better be safe than sorry!

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