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Pose procedure

What is it?

A weight-loss surgery, pose procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach to make the individual feel fuller quicker than normal. This means your food intake will be reduced into small portions. Therefore, eating nutritious food for every meal is vital for any type of weight-loss surgery. Quite a popular weight-loss surgery in London after gastric balloons, the procedure is performed using a long tool that is inserted into your mouth and into the stomach. The instrument is then used to create folds in the stomach walls to reduce its size.

pose procedure

Pose procedure explained

The pose procedure is performed using the endoscopic technique by inserting a long tool with a camera attached to it into the mouth and into the stomach. The procedure involves creating multiple folds in the stomach walls with an IOP (Incisionless Operating Platform) that grasps, folds and fastens tissues together.

pose procedure london

Benefits of pose procedure
  • It is a non-surgical procedure

  • No incisions are made so no scars are left on the body

  • The procedure is simple and quick (approximately 1 hour)

  • Quick recovery (2-3 days)

  • Lower risks

  • Can be reversed if necessary

What are the risks of a pose procedure?
  • A temporary sore throat and nausea

  • Ulcer (rare)

Are you a candidate for pose procedure?

An ideal candidate for pose procedure is a person who has BMI of 30-40 and who has 100 pounds or less to lose. You also have to be motivated and determined to make a significant change in your diet and exercise because pose procedure and any other weight-loss surgery depends on a healthy diet to get effective results.

Post-op Diet

The first few days after your surgery, you will be limited to liquids such as soup, water, milk, etc. Gradually you can start eating semi-solid food and then normal food within 2 weeks after your weight-loss surgery. However, the amount of food must be reduced and you should add nutrients to every meal. It will be important to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients you need but also stick to healthier options to achieve weight loss with the pose procedure.

Please note: London Lipo Institute currently does not offer this procedure.