Quit smoking for surgery

Quit smoking – Why?

1st October 2015 now marks the implementation of a new law in the UK that bans smoking in cars with children under 18, and with it also begins the one month campaign ‘StopTober’. So on this occasion, I thought why not shed some light on how important it is to quit smoking before as well as after any cosmetic surgery procedure because ‘why do I need to quit smoking?‘ is a question often asked by clients during their consultation. A question you can’t avoid during your consultation is ‘Do you smoke?‘. If you decide on not mentioning it because you only smoke occasionally, DON’T – because the next step is important. It is extremely important to heed the advice of a plastic surgeon in London regarding smoking because it can cause:

  • Poor wound healing

  • Increased risk of infection

  • Blood clots in your veins

  • Poor oxygen circulation during surgery

  • Interference with certain drugs breakdown in your body

Studies have found that people who quit smoking prior to their surgery have most likely reduced the risk of complications as well as improved their immune system. Hence, surgeons usually ask you to quit smoking at least 4 weeks before as well as after your initial surgery to give your body enough time to get rid of the nicotine and for a fast recovery. If for instance, you give up on your temptation, you will be putting yourself at risk and it would be very unwise. Maybe this could be a chance for you to quit your habit for good if you’ve already been trying.

How can you quit smoking?

Here at London Lipo Institute, we wish to deliver the best services as well as ensure the best safety measures for our clients. So here are a few tips that will hopefully help you resist your cravings and prepare you for a safe surgery.

  • Avoid any triggers that may urge you to smoke

  • Chew on gums or candy so your mouth remains busy

  • When you have your cravings, tell yourself you’ll wait for 15 minutes and during that time make yourself busy

  • Go out for a walk or clean your house as physical activities are a good way to distract yourself

  • Remind yourself why you must not give in to your cravings

Hopefully, these will come in handy when you need it. Good Luck!

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