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Reconstructive procedures


What are reconstructive procedures?

Reconstructive procedures are cosmetic procedures to rectify any abnormalities to any area. For example, if someone had broken their nose, leaving it bent and out of shape a cosmetic procedure would be considered to restore its shape. Another example would be someone suffered burns to areas of skin and would need cosmetic surgery to repair the skin.

What is available?

New technologies are being developed for people who require different types of reconstructive procedures.

For burn surgery, a machine learning approach is being developed to determine healing times of burns which can be a useful tool to assess burn depth. Algorithms are also being developed to allow rapid prediction of the percentage of body surface burned which can be an important piece of information for patient resuscitation and surgical planning. Not only can skin be restored from surgery but also lost hair from burning injuries can also be restored through cosmetic surgery.

For aesthetic surgery there are machine learning developments to also be applied to cosmetic surgery, to predict and simulate outcomes of aesthetic facial surgery and reconstructive breast surgery which can be an aid to women or men who have suffered from breast cancer and wish to re-create breasts which may have been affected. Surgeries such as Breast augmentation could be used for those who need breast reconstruction, which could even be done naturally through using fat from another area of the body to then be placed into the breast area to add to lost breast tissue. For alternative cosmetic surgeries for those that have suffered from a broken nose, for example, may have experienced a change in shape and may experience trouble breathing may opt for Rhinoplasty surgery to rectify the misshapen nose.  

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