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Rhytidectomy – Neck lift


A Rhytidectomy is also known as a facelift. A facelift is a procedure which removes or reduces the appearance of saggy skin and fat on the face. This surgical procedure improves the signs of ageing around the neck and face. It will help to remove any deep creases or wrinkles on the face. Other procedures such as a browlift or blepharoplasty is also used in conjunction with this surgery to give a more youthful look.

How is this procedure performed?

First your surgeon will give you either local or general anesthetic. Local anesthetic is used to only numb the area needed, this means the patient will be awake during the procedure but the patient will not feel a thing. General anesthetic is used to ensure the patient fully unconscious during the procedure. For women the surgeon will then create an incision in the temple area just in front of the ear. This incision will continue will continue to the back of your ears down until your earlobes near the hairline. For men the surgeon will create the incisions to follow the natural beard lines to create a natural look. The skin will be lifted carefully so the surgeon will be able to remove any connective tissue and muscle. Fat may also be removed at this point as well as the excess saggy skin. Once the excess skin is removed the surgeon will close the wound with sutures. This surgery can take from two to four hours to complete.


After a facelift procedure nearly all of the patient experience minimal pain. The surgeon should prescribe medications such as antibiotics and pain medication. Swelling and bruising within moderation is unavoidable as the skin and muscle is being disrupted. However using a cold or hot compress the swelling should reduce. The patient should return to the surgeon within two days to get the dressings either removed or replaced and to also check the healing process. The patient should avoid strenuous activities for at least two weeks to ensure the wound is healing properly. Shaving the area should also be avoided. Scarring should be undetectable due to the area it is placed however if it is noticeable it will fade over a short period of time.

What it cannot do

This procedure is used to reverse the signs of ageing but it cannot stop natural ageing. After you have undergone a Rhytidectomy your skin will start to age again within time. This is because ageing is completely natural and there is no way of fully preventing it. Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can be used to slow down the ageing process however they do not stop them and they are only temporary. A facelift is only really effective if it is done surgically.