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Saggy boobs – What can you do?

What causes it?

If you have read our previous blog, you should know some of the effect gravity has on our body over time. Unfortunately for women, it doesn’t end there. Drooping of breasts is an inevitable process that happens to most women as gravity pulls down the ligaments inside the breasts over time causing saggy boobs. Since sagging of the boobs is a natural ageing process, is there anything you can do about it? YES! Here are two common question people have asked us and our team of experts at London Lipo Institute have got together to answer them for you.

Q and A

“I’m 25 years old, never been pregnant or breastfed, and I am average sized with a 32 DD bra size. But my problem is saggy boobs. I had noticed my boobs growing downward ever since they started growing but since I had quite tiny breasts I didn’t think much of it. Now that my boobs are fully developed and I have been a size 32 DD for a while, my boobs look noticeably saggier than I remember them to be. I would call it moderate sagging but I’m afraid it may get worse with age. Can I prevent my boobs from sagging even more?” – Kelly, 25

Unfortunately, drooping cannot be avoided and yes your saggy boobs may worsen over time. But there are a few things you can try to reduce sagging as much as possible. If at all possible Kelly, we suggest that you do not wear a bra all the time. People tend to think that wearing bras can prevent sagging, but for most women, it could actually lead to more sagging. The gentle bouncing of breasts could actually help with the development of the ligaments and help your breasts to stay in good shape. If that doesn’t help then you are an ideal candidate for breast lift/mastopexy, if you ever consider cosmetic surgery. A breast lift can help treat saggy boobs whether it be due to genetics, weight-loss or age. It can help you achieve a positive result by placing the nipples at the correct level and pointing forward. There are also other breast augmentation procedures available and you can discuss it with a surgeon during your consultation. I hope we could be of some help and good luck!

“I am only 16 years old, my bra size is 34 C and my boobs are already sagging. I’m very embarrassed as girls my age seem to have perkier boobs and nice cleavage. I’m really considering cosmetic surgery since it seems like I have no other choice. Is breast augmentation suitable for me?” – Nora, 16

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with saggy boobs in such a young age, Nora. However, it is not uncommon for teenagers to experience sagging as they develop. Cosmetic surgery is a good option to go for if you wish to improve the shape of your breasts, but at your age, it would be best to let your breasts fully develop before you consider it.

Meanwhile, to prevent your saggy boobs from getting worse, we suggest that you wear sports bras when you’re being active. However, if you insist on getting cosmetic surgery, then you would be an ideal candidate for a breast augmentation, but be sure to discuss this with your parents first as breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves a lot of risks.

Also, some surgeons may refuse to take you on because of your age so be prepared to be disappointed. Even we would suggest that you wait for a couple of years until your breasts fully develop and then you’ll be a fit candidate for a breast augmentation procedure. Good luck with your decision!

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