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Septoplasty, What is it?

Having a deviated septum can cause many issues. Some of these issues may involve sleeping general breathing and more. The septum is the piece of bone positioned in the centre of your nose which separates your nostrils.

What can cause a deviated septum?

Many different things can cause the septum to be deformed. Some people naturally have a deviated septum, it is not uncommon. A deviated septum can occur during birth. This is due to how the birth took place. Also, injury to the face or nose may cause a deviated septum or a broken nose.

How is it performed?

This can be performed under both local and general anaesthetic. For a septoplasty, it is usually fully open so it easier to see where the septum deviates. The surgeon will next then remove the part of the septum which is causing the issue and reattach it in the correct position. After the bone is secure the nose will be closed back up. Undergoing a Rhinoplasty will relieve the breathing.

How is it different from a Rhinoplasty?

A Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure which alters the size and shape of someone’s nose. This surgery is more for changing the appearance of someone’s nose. However, a septoplasty is more for functionality. Having a deviated septum hinders your breathing and sleeping abilities. With a Rhinoplasty it can be performed both open and closed whereas with septoplasty they are performed open. If you need to need to undergo a septoplasty we advise you to speak to multiple different clinics and surgeons to get the best advice.


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