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Success stories with gastric balloons

Success stories – Dorothy,31

One of our personal favourites among all the success stories, Dorothy (31) weighed 80 kgs before she decided to get gastric balloons for weight-loss. When asked why she wanted it, she said: “I have been overweight for a long time, ever since I can remember, so I wanna make this change because I wanna look like a different person, hopefully, the person I have always dreamt of being.”

“After I had gastric balloons placed inside my stomach I have to admit that it took some time to get used to the feeling inside my belly that made my family and friends worry, but they were also very supportive. And it was all worth it because it worked! I lost a total of 15 kgs within 6 months and continued losing a few pounds even after getting the balloons removed. People ask me if I would do it again and my answer is, Yes! I would do it all over again to feel as amazing as I feel right now. I am very proud of myself to have taken that step to change my life.”

Dorothy was an ideal candidate for gastric balloons because her BMI before the weight-loss surgery was just about 30 and she was not suffering from any serious obesity conditions. We decided on Orbera gastric balloon for her and we also reserved a second one to be placed if she hadn’t experienced any difference within 2 months, which at the end wasn’t required. She showed great progress from the start – the advantage of strictly following a diet plan. It was our pleasure to have contributed to Dorothy’s weight-loss journey and we are extremely pleased with her results.

Success stories – Nafisa, 45

“I decided to have gastric balloons because I felt like I had to do something for my health, for myself and my kids. With Easy Life I lost 22 kgs and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel lighter. People laugh when I say it but it’s true. I was a foodie when I was weighing 92 kgs but after getting gastric balloons my lifestyle has changed. My doctors and my support team supported me the whole way through and I believe they’re the ones who really motivated me to pursue a healthy diet. I weigh 70 kgs and I feel absolutely amazing.”

Nafisa (45) had her gastric balloons for 12 months because she wanted to lose a dramatic amount of weight. We had to adjust her balloons after 5 months as her weight-loss was gradually slowing down, which Easy Life gastric balloon allows, but after the adjustment, it was back on track. She has lost an amazing amount of fat and it seems that her diet habits have improved. We are proud to say that the person we had met 12 months before her weight-loss surgery has changed and she seems happy with her achievement.

Success stories – Lory, 52

Many people who come to us for weight-loss surgery say they want to lose weight not to look good but look like themselves again, and Lory, 52 was one of them.

“I hate needles so surgery was out of the question. So when one of my colleagues told me about gastric balloons I knew it was perfect for me. Ever since I got pregnant with my first child, I continued to get bigger. Next thing I know I’m already weighing 20 kgs heavier than I used to be. But I felt like it was too late for me to get back my body because I was a mum and truthfully I’m getting old. Gastric balloon proved me wrong and I’m glad because now I’m back to looking like myself again.”

You will probably come across a lot of success stories like Lory’s because pregnancy does change you and your body that some of us are not able to looking like themselves ever again. And that’s what we’re here for. These success stories are of people who diligently worked to change their life as well as the person they were. We, at London Lipo Institute, take pride in being part of their weight-loss journey and work together to provide the best and safest support needed by our clients to achieve their goals. We have a team of surgeons who will be helping you throughout your weight-loss journey, so you won’t be alone.

Note: London Lipo Institute currently does not offer gastric balloon procedures.