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Top 10 cosmetic surgery procedures of 2015


Earlier this year BAAPS published new statistics in their press release ‘Tweak not tuck‘ claiming it to be the ideal cosmetic surgery trend amongst Britons in 2015. This has given rise to a demand for subtle, anti-ageing treatments such as fat transfer, face lift and eyelid surgery making them one of the most wanted procedures of 2015, however, breast augmentation remaining at the top of the chart among women. Figures show a total of 45,406 of cosmetic surgery procedures performed, with women getting 91% and men getting 9% of all cosmetic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgery procedures of 2015 as ranked:

Men & Women Combined

  • Breast Augmentation – 8,619

  • Blepharoplasty – 7,752

  • Face/Neck Lift – 6,402

  • Breast Reduction – 5,528

  • Liposuction – 4,627

  • Rhinoplasty – 3,690

  • Fat Transfer – 3,155

  • Abdominoplasty  – 2,713

  • Browlift – 1,978

  • Otoplasty – 942

According to the BAAPS President, and consultant surgeon Michael Cadier it is clear that people want a refreshed or youthful look with cosmetic surgery procedures rather than alterations to their appearance. Treatments such as liposuction also continue to rise as many non-surgical fat removal methods result in being ineffective in many cases. This change in trends hopefully has a positive impact and eliminates misconceptions associated with cosmetic surgery. As pioneers of cosmetic surgery procedures, it is very refreshing to learn that people are being more cautious and educated regarding cosmetic surgery. Sadly, botched cases cannot be completely eliminated but as plastic surgeons we can only use the safest methods to guarantee the best results expected from us. After all, mistakes happen… miss universe 2015 mistake