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Ultrasonic vs Tumescent Liposuction

Liposuction is a method used to surgically remove fat. It is not a weight loss method; it is used to remove stubborn areas of fat, treat lipoedema or to even define muscles.  All surgical procedures have benefits and risks. 

What is Ultrasonic?

Ultrasonic assisted liposuction also known as UAL. It is a liposuction technique which uses ultrasonic energy in an attempt to remove fat. Over the last couple of years, Ultrasonic assisted liposuction has become less popular as the risks have been identified and been made aware of. There are many risks and complications which come with this procedure so surgeons try and stay away from it. There are two types of this liposuction, internal and external. Internal uses a cannula inserted into an incision in the skin. External uses energy transmitted through a paddle-shaped instrument which is placed on top of the skin. Some dangers which come with this method of liposuction are:
– Blood clots, if left untreated or not acted on instantly can be fatal
– Seromas, this is a fluid-filled area under the skin which can cause discomfort
– Prolonged numbness or injury to sensory nerves in the area treated
– Infection, with any surgical procedure there is a risk of infection.

What is Tumescent Liposuction?


Tumescent liposuction this method of liposuction uses a large volume of very dilute mix of local anesthesia like lidocaine and a saline solution. This liquid is then injected into the fatty layer under the skin. This causes the fat to become tumescent with means swollen and firm. Once is it firm it is easier to remove. We use a vibrating cannula to remove the fat. With Tumescent liposuctions there are still risks but very minor. These risks include:    
– Bruising due to the removal of the fat  
– Swelling as the area has been cut and fat has been removed  
– Temporary numbness due to possible nerve damage    
– Infection is still a risk as there is no procedure where infection will defiantly not happen.

At our clinic, we use the tumescent liposuction technique as it is safe and pain-free. Our patients are able to tell us how they feel during the procedure. Whatever method or clinic you chose to have liposuction at make sure they only use qualified surgeons who are also GMC registered.


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