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Vaser Liposuction vs Lipomatic

What is Vaser Liposuction and Lipomatic Liposuction?

Both are cosmetic procedures performed to break down the fat tissue using different methods and are then suctioned out to reduce fat content. Vaser liposuction is performed by ultrasound technology breaking down fat tissue inside the area of treatment surrounding cells and tissues are not affected however as different tissues naturally vibrate at different notions, the ultrasound is set at a vibration that only affects the fat cells. Once the fat cells are broken up by the ultrasound waves then they are suctioned out with small incisions that have been made to be able to suction the now liquefied fat from the use of ultrasound. Lipomatic liposuction uses a different method, the surgeon creates incisions on the area of treatment, the surgeon then creates tunnels so the cannula device can reach areas of fat content after the tunnels are created anaesthesia is then inserted into the patient so there is no pain. Then the cannula is inserted into the incisions with the fat than being suctioned out as the unique lipomatic method is for the cannula to vibrate to break up fat content painlessly and therefore being suctioned out.

Which liposuction should I opt for?

Each liposuction method has their own advantages. Vaser Liposuction has advantages such as being able to be performed under local anaesthetic which is very useful for less recovery time, as it’s minimally invasive then there will be minimal scarring, bruising and blood loss, also compared to most liposuction methods there is minimal downtime and quick recovery. Lipomatic Liposuction has many advantages itself, such as being referred to as tickle liposuction because of the lack of discomfort or even no discomfort or pain is caused by the lipomatic method. Also, the content of fat removed in one procedure is the highest of any liposuction procedure showing the efficiency of this procedure. The recovery time is also very quick, it is a cheaper procedure than most and is even one of the shorter procedure liposuction methods. non-fatty tissues are also guaranteed not to be affected as the cannula has an active security system to stop when it hits non-fatty tissues. Both liposuction techniques are very efficient and both have their advantages over other liposuction techniques however the lipomatic technique has become the most popular due to its painless procedure and it’s efficiency, book a consultation with a surgeon to discuss what would be best for you.

Liposuction Technique at London Lipo Institute

At London Lipo Institute, our surgical team specialises in the Lipomatic technique and are one of the few clinics to offer the latest technique in the UK. We strive to perfect the latest surgical technology to provide effective safety optimisation and the best possible outcome for the sole benefit of our prospective patients.