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Weight-loss surgery for diabetics


According to a Swedish study, weight-loss surgery for diabetics could not only help them lose weight but could also be more cost-effective to lower down blood sugar compared to health-care and medications. Weight-loss surgery for diabetics, in particular, Type 2 diabetes, can make a big difference and so people are found to have experienced their blood sugar level goes back to normal in just a couple of days after the weight-loss surgery. A study showed that 400 diabetic people had seen improvement in Type 2 diabetes after weight-loss surgery, and 62% showed no sign of diabetes after about 6 years of weight-loss surgery for diabetics. Surgeons have recommended weight-loss surgery for diabetics if they have failed in controlling their blood sugar level with lifestyle changes and drugs, regardless of their BMI.

The options

Gastric Bypassgastric bypass A small stomach pouch is first created by dividing the top of the stomach from the rest of the stomach. And then the top portion is connected to the small intestine. The benefits of this weight-loss surgery for diabetics is that because the small intestine that usually absorbs the calorie no longer has food going through it, this means there is a low degree of calories being absorbed. Most importantly, like any other weight-loss surgery, gastric bypass suppresses hunger and causes changes in the gut hormones, which is primarily mechanisms of obesity including Type 2 diabetes.

Gastric bandgastric band A surgical treatment for obesity, it is similar to a bariatric surgery where an inflatable band is surgically placed around the stomach. The band is used to limit the amount of food a person can eat at one time as it creates a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach. After banding the stomach, the pouch can only hold an ounce of food. Because the gastric band is performed as laparoscopic surgery, it is considered the least invasive form of bariatric surgery.

Gastric sleevegastric sleeve The gastric sleeve is a procedure where 80% of the stomach is surgically removed so the stomach is able to hold a smaller amount of food. It has a great effect on the gut hormones again. which happens to be the source of hunger and blood sugar control. There is proof that this weight-loss surgery for diabetics can really improve Type 2 diabetes. Keep in mind all these weight-loss surgeries for diabetics are surgical and will carry complications of any other surgical procedures. Therefore, the decision to have it is really up to your preference. However, we do not offer these procedures here at London Lipo Institute because of their risk characteristics. We do, however, offer an alternative weight-loss surgery option called the gastric balloon.

Gastric balloons A non-surgical procedure, gastric balloon is simple, effective and takes only about half an hour for completion. The gastric balloons are used to trigger weight-loss temporarily and therefore has to be removed within a period of 6 months to a year. The procedure involves inserting deflated balloons using an endoscope with a camera that goes into the mouth and down into the stomach. The camera is used to help the surgeon guide the placement of the gastric balloons. Once in the stomach, the surgeon inflates the balloons by filling them with a sterile saline solution and then releases them. It is much safer compared to a surgical procedure and carries very minimal complications.

Please note: London Lipo Institute does not currently perform gastric bypass or gastric balloon procedures.