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What emotions you can expect to feel after cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is often a huge decision in your life. For some people, it can be a procedure that you have been wanting to have for years. So it is understandable that you may go through a bit of an emotional journey following your procedure. It is a good idea to prepare yourself for these emotions in order to make your recovery period less stressful. 

So what emotions can you expect to feel after cosmetic surgery? 

1. Low energy

The first week after your cosmetic surgery procedure can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. You will be adjusting to a new routine, which will include lots of time resting, time off work, and no time at the gym. The amount of time this lasts will vary from person to person, depending on which type of procedure you had. The bigger your procedure, the longer your recovery period will be, and the longer your schedule will be disrupted. During this period you may not be able to see any results from your procedure yet, as you will generally have bandages or compression garments on. You will also be spending lots of time resting and staying in your house.

2. Doubt or frustration

While you’re still recovering, it is very easy to second guess yourself and you may start to question whether or not you made the right choice to undergo a surgical cosmetic procedure. After all, it’s during this period that you’ll be getting lots of rest, which means you’ll have lots of time by yourself to think about if you made the correct decision. In the early stages of recovery, you may still feel pain and discomfort, and will not be able to see the final results yet, which can often cause people to become frustrated. 

If you are experiencing any doubt and are questioning whether or not you made the right choice, keep in mind that this is a very natural reaction. Many people will experience these feelings. After all, surgery is a huge investment and is often something that has been planned for many years. 

Fortunately, there are some steps you can follow to ensure you stay positive during the initial recovery stages:

Keep entertained: prior to surgery, make sure you have something that will keep you entertained while you have to spend longer periods of time resting. Buy some books, get some card games, make sure your tv or music subscriptions are up to date. All of these things will help to keep you busy and will stop you second-guessing your decision.

Have family or friends around: if you had a large procedure which involved a general anaesthetic, you may wish to have a family member or friend stay with you for the first few days, as you may experience difficulties washing, dressing and doing household chores. Having help during this period can help you to avoid feeling frustrated over any limitations to your movements.

–  Your new look: keep in mind how you are going to look once the bruising and swelling goes down. Research new bras, clothing or makeup that you can wear to keep you motivated.

3. Concern about what others will think 

If you have had a large procedure, you will have to take some time off work. Your procedure may also be noticeable, which can cause people to worry about what their friends, family and coworkers will think. If you are concerned about what others will think, make sure to take the appropriate amount of time off work, as it may make it worse to go back to work when you still have noticeable bruising and swelling. 

When you are returning to work after taking time off, it is important to keep in mind:

– If people are gossiping, the news of your surgery will eventually be old news, and there will be something new to talk about

– People may not even comment at all. If you haven’t told people you were having a cosmetic procedure, and the results are natural-looking, people may not react to your altered appearance

– Ignore the haters. Your family and friends will always have positive comments to say about your appearance. Try not to take any negative comments about your appearance personally – these comments will be a reflection of the person’s insecurities. 

If you have problems with what other people are saying, make sure you raise this with your surgeon, who will be able to give you personalised advice on how you can cope. 

4. Happiness

Eventually the bruising and swelling fades, any incisions reduce in size and redness, you return to work and you start your normal exercise regime again. By this stage, you should be able to start to see the final results of your procedure. Once you regain a sense of normalcy and control over your daily schedule, you may start to feel happier with your decision to undergo surgery.

During the recovery period, it is important to keep in mind that you will experience a lot of ups and downs and you may be frustrated by how long the recovery period is and that you can’t see the end results of your procedure. Remember that the vast majority of people who undergo cosmetic surgery are happy with their end results – it may just take a few weeks or months for you to be able to see it in the final result. 

If you are ever concerned during the recovery period, remember you can always visit your surgeon to have a check-up and ask any questions.